How to STAY on a man’s mind…

You can be the “song” he can’t get out of

his head…

Patrick here…

Do you remember the song and dance called

the “Macarena”??

If I even think about that song it gets

“stuck” in my head.

I know I’m not the only one.

Some song writers seem to know the formula

for making songs memorable.

Remember Happy by Pharrell Williams:-)

The words, the melody and how Pharrell sings

makes the song…UNFORGETTABLE!

Even when you WANT to forget it!


Did ya know there’s a sequence you can

easily learn in an afternoon that will

stick” you into a man’s mind?

And you’ll STAY there, even if he’s

TRYING to get you out of his head…

Reminds me of another song…

“I can’t get you outta my mind!”

This is EXACTLY how he’ll feel when

you start applying this…

===>How to STAY on a man’s mind

Rootn’ for ya,


PS Music bypasses the “thinking” mind and penetrates

the heart…this works the same way, you’ll bypass his

thinking mind and walk right into his heart.

===>Get this while you still can

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