If you sent MEAN texts to your ex?? (makes them forgive you faster than anything else)

If you’ve just broke up…

Patrick here.

Can he love me again?

Can he forgive the nasty texts I’ve sent?

Can I still win him back?

I’ve helped a lot of people with their breakups…

So please know it’s with love that I say this…

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you’re

asking the WRONG questions.

…which leads you to focus on the WRONG things and

leads you to try things that simply don’t work and

puts more and more distance between you and him.

Things like:

  • Text message terrorism
  • Going over to his place in lingerie or offering him your body
  • Repeatedly telling him how much you love them and will do anything.

So what’s the golden question?

One that leads to answers that will give

you a great shot at a 2nd chance?

The question is…

What negative feelings does he/she feel about you that need to

be “ERASED”, “forgotten” or “neutralized”?

===>Begin here


Once you know what negative feelings your ex holds…

==>Here’s how to start neutralizing negative feelings

Just like you MUST remove the weeds before anything

else can grow well in a garden…

These negative feelings MUST be pulled 

BEFORE they’ll ever return a text, email or phone


Make sense?

Pull the “weeds” and THEN water and nurture

the garden/relationship.


It’s not about time.

It’s true that if a garden/relationship has gone without

attention there’s gonna be more weeds.

But it’s always possible to remove the weeds

if you’re willing to work at it.

So yes…it may require more work, but it’s

never too late.

If you’re willing…

==>Here’s how to get another chance with your ex

Root’n for ya,


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