One saves 75 people,

Are you really helpless without him?

Patrick here on behalf of myself and everyone here at American Dating Society.

Right now I’m going through the newly released version of Amanda Walters book, Manifest Your Ex Back.

Now, I want to first say that I love digging into resources like this for you!

It’s not often authors and experts come back to me and say they’ve eagerly gathered up feedback from their customers.

They went to work.

And now they’ve made things much much better.

How much better?

As as I said, I’ve just started into the new version of this book.

Something big hit me after finishing chapter one…

I’ve heard (and felt this way) people say things like:

– “I’m helpless without him!”

– “How will I live without him?”

With what I learned in chapter one, I asked the question…

Am I, or you, or anyone actually helpless?

Or in other words, does the world actually work this way? Is reality setup in such a way that we can be totally helpless – no matter how much it may feel like we are..

Last night, my wife and I were watching a movie about a real life hero from World War 2.

It’s still fresh in my mind.

This man wouldn’t pick up a gun – by choice.

Crazy right? Bullets are whizzing by, and there’s a guy who won’t shoot back!


Because he wanted to help people. And he did. To the tune of saving 75 people on a war torn battlefield.

75 people!

I can imagine all my neighbors. Up and down both sides of the road. Everyone who lives in these houses.

Then there’s the next street over from here.

That’s still not 75 people!

Heck, I can’t remember the last time in recent months where I’ve been in a room with 75 people.

And still, with carnage surrounding him…

this guy scurried around the battlefield and dragged person after person to safety. You have to see it to believe it.

He even tried to save the enemy.

This is REALITY.

That’s right.

This actually happened.

Some call it a miracle, but others call it life.

And chapter one of Manifest Your Ex Back reminded me of how helpless we are not.

It’s another a great reminder of how you can get your ex back – or anything you need to make you happy.

Here is a link to Amanda Walters new book called, Manifest Your Ex Back.

==> Click here for Manifest Your Ex Back

I recommend you get it while it’s hot off the presses at this newly released price.

Either way, you can expect me to update you on more gold nuggets as I comb my way through this great book.


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