2 Roadblocks to Getting Your Ex Back Now Gone… Here’s How With Attraction & Support

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If Right Now You Feel Deep Down There’s Something Standing In The Way of The Love You Should Have From Your Ex…

You Will Need Just 2 Things:

One-on-one Support & The Attraction Fix

There are two moments in life I believe you want right now. Moments you want so badly that you think about these day and night. You may find yourself in bed at night wishing for life to play out like this.

Or at this point you’re imagining only bits and pieces of these.

The first is what I call a moment of PEACE with him:

Let’s fast forward from where you are now. All the way to the place where the dust has settled. You are spending a lazy Sunday with your now reconciled love. Your husband. Or your boyfriend. The two of you are waking up to eat a late breakfast after a late night Netflix and chill with him. You spend the morning talking about the future. It’s a future he is also imagining spending with you now. It’s so clear, so bright, so fresh and new. And it lasts.

The second is what I call the moment of PRIDE with him:

Fast forward again and you are bringing a new baby into the world. The ultimate footprint of your love in this world becomes manifest on this day. There are the two of you (plus one). Holding each other. Wrapped up in love.

The problem is this… It’s staring us right in the face if we’ll just come back to here and now and look at it. It’s a question.

It’s THE question.

The question that keeps us up at night after we have lost the one person we love most.

How do you get here? How do you fight your way through all the fights you’ve had with him up until now?

Is there any hope for the two of you?

How do you decode the silence?

Why does he “go dark” on you and become like a ghost… Why does he seem like he wants to get back together, but then he disappears for weeks or even months on end? Does he really want you back and how can you know?

What do you do?

This question is loaded. It’s like one of these toy prize eggs I watched my daughter open up. You peel back layer, after layer, after layer. It takes time. And at the heart of things you find what you’re looking for.

Here’s the point of me sharing this with you.

I believe I’ve found the perfect mix of things for you. If you have not yet gotten back together with your ex. Or if you’re back together and it feels like the floor of your romantic relationship could fall out from under you at any moment, then here is the solution I’ve spent months and months crafting for you.

There are 2 problems. I have talked with a number of you over this time. And there are a couple gigantic problems I haven’t been able to solve for you. You sense them. And now I see them clearly.

One is your unique situation. We all live a uniquely tailored life. And if a book were written about every move we’ve made so far, there’s no way even 10% of it would match up with another person. You are in a unique relationship. You were and want to reconcile with a unique person. And you may even live in a completely different country than where I’m writing this to you from.

What’s the solution? One-on-one support. The only possible way for you to navigate your unique situation is with someone who has been there and done that. And, they have the time and patience to help you. I have the perfect solution for you now.

Two is attraction. For whatever reason, when we have a breakup we self sabotage. We often end up working against our best efforts to get back together with our ex. This is un-attractive. It’s the way to NOT get back together with your ex. It’s like you are sending off these “bad vibes” that tell your ex to steer clear and stay away. Stay far far away.

What is the solution? Fixing attraction. If we all live in a universe where like attracts like, then there must be a way to change yourself so you don’t give off these bad vibes. You need to understand this simple concept. I believe you could learn how to do this one thing in an afternoon!

Here’s what you will need:

How She Wins Him Back

After hearing that women in our community were getting stuck after breakups… we created the How She Wins Him Back program.

This is a must have!

Sometimes it can feel like our own mind just wants to beat up and abuse us.

Why? There is a very real self sabotaging that happens to us after we go through a breakup. This one thing is the reason why many people feel (and really become) unattractive to their ex…

Have you heard these thoughts lately?
– “Maybe I’m not good enough…”
– “He really wants to be with someone else…”
– “What’s wrong with me?”

It’s all hogwash!

So then why does your mind keep these ideas playing on repeat? If they aren’t helping you, and only hurting you – then how do you fix things?

There is a way to break the cycle – to short circuit this whole negative self talk.

Instead of your mind telling you “I’m not good enough”, you can flip the switch.

You will feel empowered. You will wake up in the morning with a zest for life. Your friends and family will ask how it happened. They will want to know where the “new you” came from.

It came from making small but subtle changes to becoming the person deep down, who you’ve always wanted to be. But until now you didn’t know how to make the change.

That’s it.

Here’s the links again for the program I mentioned above:

How She Wins Him Back ebook & program:
==> Click here

Bookmark this page. Save it as your guide to getting your ex back. That way you can return to it again and again until you breakthrough.

Here’s the thing…

Time is NOT running out.

After I put together this plan for you, I realized something. Time is not running out by any means.

However, this aside, time may be working against you.

Make no mistake about it. Time can be our enemy when we are not working our way to where we want to be in life.

I looked at my wife this morning while I was drinking a cup of coffee. Now, I woke up this morning knowing I would write this letter to you. As I said, I’ve been putting this together for quite some time.

But as I looked at my wife, I thought about love…

If love ultimately comes down to what we are willing to sacrifice.

And of course we must not love someone if we are willing to sacrifice ZERO of what we have.

Then how much do I love her? At this point in our relationship, I can gladly say I’d give everything. Every waking moment. All the time I have. Every dime. Everything it would take if it was needed.

The sum total of money is unlimited. I can always make more.

The sum total of time is easily the rest of my life. I cannot make more of this though.

If… I could just get back the love of my life.

And if you’re here right now asking this question. If you the love of your life is on the line, then ask yourself whether you’re going to do whatever it takes.

That was heavy for me, as I’m sure it was for you.

But my point is that there’s no better time than now.

Until next time,


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