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Here at the American Dating Society, we offer dating and relationship information for women.

We have a team of writers who provide content for us on a regular basis on all kinds of subjects related to relationships, dating, love, sex and romance. While each person’s situation is uniquely different, we aim to provide information on the most common and topical issues around relationships and dating.

We are dedicated to researching common issues faced by women in the stages of dating and a relationship. We aim to provide honest and detailed information that may help to provide an insight into these issues.

Although we do love to hear from our readers, we do occasionally receive questions from them regarding a particular situation. While some of these questions may sometimes lead to one of our writers providing an article on the general subject, we cannot give answers to questions we receive by email as our help desks are mostly manned by non-experts, but are primarily there to assist people if they have an issue navigating the site or if they have any questions related to products that we may offer or promote. Therefore, if you need specific relationship advice, then we recommend that you seek out the help of a relationship expert in your local area who will be able to take account of your specific situation and guide you along the way.

While we aim to provide general insight, the content on the American Dating Society should not be taken as advice because everyone’s personal situation is uniquely different. Always seek help and advice from a registered, qualified professional. The content on the American Dating Society is for information purposes only, and it is your responsibility to seek advice from a qualified professional rather than any information you read online.

We hope that the American Dating Society offers interesting insights into these topics that can bring about perhaps a fresh perspective or unique view not previously considered by the reader. We aim to provide a positive reflection which may help our readers along the pathway to finding the answers that they are looking for in a meaningful and insightful way.

Wishing you all the best in love.

The American Dating Society Team

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