How to Make Him Interested Again After the Chase

Woman thinking how to make him interested again as she taps him on the shoulderThings were going great. You and your new guy were constantly texting back and forth. He was sending you, “Good morning” and “Goodnight” texts daily. He was initiating dates, and there was an undeniable connection between you…

But now? It’s just crickets…

You know in your gut that things just aren’t the same on his end. He’s not texting as much. He’s not asking you out, or if he does, it’s at the last minute.

Ugh. Now, what..?

First, don’t panic. Sometimes guys blow hot and cold, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

If you’re not asking yourself, “how to make him interested again?” don’t worry, all might not be lost between you and your new guy. With the below tips, you’ll be able to snag his attention again — or know whether you should kick him to the curb.

How To Make Him Interested Again Once He Thinks He Has You

Focus on You

If your guy is blowing hot and cold at the moment then it’s time for you to focus on you for a while.

Yes, we know it’s hard not to think about the guy who you’re really into, and it’s always harder not to think about him when he’s not talking to you…but that’s exactly why you should.

If he’s not actively pursuing you that’s a sign for you to return to your hobbies, interests, and friends that you might’ve neglected while you were in lovey-dovey land.

How does this bring him back? Well, you’ll be so into yourself that you’re not thinking about him — or texting him — and that might be enough to pique a man’s curiosity.

If you’re not texting him, he might wonder: who are you texting? Besides, if you don’t hear from him, then you really know your answer.

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Unless You’re Committed, Keep Thinking You’re Single

woman making herself attractive and interestingAccording to dating expert Mark Rosenfeld if you find that men lose interest in you after a few dates, then that usually stems from a fear of scarcity.

In his YouTube video, How To Keep A Guy Chasing (Why He Lost Interest And Stopped Chasing), Rosenfeld describes the pattern that most women fall into when they like a guy.

As he puts it, you stop acting single and you start mentally thinking he’s the one before he’s actually committed. Sound familiar..?

Because you’re already thinking you’re together, you become more anxious and fearful about your status and whether or not you’ve messed it up when you don’t hear from him.

When a guy feels this energy from you, he immediately backs away.

So, what to do?

Keep dating other men and keep an open mind about him and other men. Your energy will instantly elevate and relax, which will either attract him back or another man who’s better suited for you will come into your life.

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Flip the Chase

A number of men back away when you’ve stopped yourself from being pursued, and in turn, become the predator. Men not only like the thrill of the chase but some can spook easily when you come off strong because they don’t know how to handle the attention.

So, what’s the solution to this?

According to dating expert Dr Ali Binazir, and author of “Tao of Dating,” you need to flip the chase back to him. He suggests sending a playful text making it known that you want to see him again but on your terms. Here’s an example:

“Hey, handsome. When are you going to take me out again?”

Then step back and wait for him to get back to you. Don’t send him another text until you’ve heard from him as double texting can really kill the attraction.

Instead, just wait for him t0 reply. Whether or not he responds with an invitation is all the info you need.

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Be Cool

While you might be tempted to reach out multiple times, or send him a snarky text after a few weeks of no communication, it’s in your best interest to take the high road. Getting nasty will only make you look bad and it will send him further away, if not disappear altogether.

Don’t give him the satisfaction of being that “crazy woman” either. You’re better than that. Give him space and do you. For all you know, his dog died and he just needs some space right now. If that’s the case, he will appreciate you respecting it and being the self-sufficient woman you are.

How to Make Him Interested Again – Final Thoughts

When a guy loses interest, it can feel horrible. You will probably second guess yourself and wonder what you did wrong.

While it’s difficult not to take it personally, that’s what you need to do. Most of the time when a guy loses interest, there’s nothing you could’ve done differently. Either you weren’t a good match or he wasn’t the man for you. Because the man who is meant for you will not lose interest. And even if he does disappear for a while, he will always return.

When he does come back, the man for you will show up consistently with the intention of moving forward you in a committed relationship with you. Demand nothing less. You’re worth it!

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Top Signs He Wants a Relationship With You

A couple in a happy relationshipYou’re dating an amazing guy, and you definitely see things moving from casual dating to relationship status. But as much as you feel a connection with him, you can’t help but wonder if he’s serious about you…

Is he looking for a commitment or is he just having fun..?

Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) men can be hard to read, especially when it comes to dating. You might not want to bring up the “What are we?” question or the “Where do you see this relationship going?” conversation in fear of putting any unwanted pressure on your new guy.

Never fear. If you’re wondering if your new man wants a relationship with you, here are some of the top signs that can help to clue you in that he’s also interested in something more with you.

5 Clear Signs He Wants a Relationship With You

He Knows You as a Person — Not Just as a Body

Does your guy know your favorite meal? Does he know what you like to do in your spare time? If so, then according to relationship expert Adam LoDolce’s YouTube video, that’s a pretty surefire sign he wants a serious relationship with you.

LoDolce explains that no matter how hot the chemistry might be between you, if he doesn’t know what you do for a living or your best friend’s name, then he doesn’t want to further along with the relationship. But if he’s trying to learn more about you and asking you meaningful questions on a regular basis, then he’s serious about cementing things.

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He Wants to See You All the Time

Okay, maybe not all the time, but if your man is consistently making plans to see you and creating space in his schedule to spend time with you then he wants a relationship with you. Important: spending time together doesn’t mean just having sex.

It’s trying new activities together, having fun, and growing and exploring your connection together. If your guy is regularly seeing you and making that connection work to the best of his ability, then he wants more with you. A man who wants a relationship will want to see you as much as he can.

He Plans Ahead

A man who wants a relationship with you is thinking about the future with you. That means he’s talking about taking a vacation with you next summer or asking if you want to see that cool concert series in a few months. He might even go one step further and buy the tickets.

A man who wants to be serious is serious about seeing you in his future, and won’t be afraid to say it. A man who only wants to be casual with you won’t talk about anything other than the here and now (if that).

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a man and a woman talking intimately and kissing on a bad

He Introduces You to His Friends and Family

Another sign that your new guy is serious about you is that he’s excited for you to meet his friends and family. A man who only wants a casual thing will do anything he can to avoid you introducing you to his inner circle. A man who wants more with you? He can’t wait to show you off to everyone he knows.

So if your man is asking you to attend family dinners and is psyched for you to join him and his buddies for Sunday football viewings, then you can be sure that he definitely wants a relationship with you.

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He Says (or Infers) Exclusivity

a couple kissingIf a guy wants a relationship with you, then he’s going to want to be exclusive with you. That way he knows that there isn’t a chance of another man swooping in and sweeping you off his feet. If a man wants exclusivity with you, according to relationship expert Mathew Boggs, he’ll either directly say it to you or he might infer it.

For example, he might ask you if you’re still using dating apps. If you tell him yes, then a man who wants to be with you and only you, won’t like it. A man who isn’t serious about you might shrug it off. Bogs says that might be a good opportunity to ask the question, “Does this mean you want to be exclusive with me?” If a man doesn’t want to be exclusive with you, he will let you know. If he does, he will.

Men are sometimes hard to read but when a man is truly into you and wants a relationship with you, then he will definitely give you clear and consistent signs that he’s serious. Quite simply, a man who is genuinely interested in you will act like it. Your guy might not demonstrate all of the above signs, but if he’s doing most of them, then chances are pretty great that he wants to change your status from “single” to “in a relationship.”

Why a Guy Ignores You When He Likes You & What To Do

A woman being ignored by her boyfriendYou met a great guy. You start texting back and forth. You go out on a few dates, and the chemistry is really good between you.

It feels like things are going really well..!

Then one day he doesn’t respond back to your text.

A day or two passes…

You wait…

You wonder if he’s sick, or maybe worse.

You text him, “Hey! How it’s going?”

Hours later, maybe he texts you back with an empty message, like “Hey! I’m good.” But there are no definitive plans being made.

Another day passes, and more crickets…

You wonder, what is going on?

Things were moving in a positive direction. So what in the hell happened? Did he meet someone else? Is he playing games? Does he have cold feet?

Nothing is more confusing than when a guy starts ignoring you and doesn’t reply to your texts.

Here’s what to do about it when this happens to you.

Why He’s Ignoring You When He Actually Likes You

Things Were Moving Too Quickly

a sad woman staring at her phoneLove has a tendency to sneak up on us when we least expect it, and it can be overwhelming for a lot of guys, particularly those who were only looking for something casual.

Maybe your guy wasn’t expecting anything serious with you but now he realizes that his feelings are more legit, and he’s just not ready to give you what you want at this time.

So instead of owning up to this fact, the emotionally immature man will do the fadeout.

If this is the reason behind your guy’s stonewalling, relationship expert Adam LoDolce recommends giving him space so that you both can decide whether this relationship is worth pursuing.

If he’s into you, he’ll eventually move forward — or at least let you know where he’s at. If he doesn’t, then you have your answer and it might be time to stop texting him.

P.S. You deserve someone who can tell you that!

He’s Afraid of Rejection

Everyone’s got emotional baggage, which makes them act out in dysfunctional ways. Maybe he’s ignoring you because he’s scared that you’ll reject him.

It might not make sense to you, but to him, ignoring you is a way for him not to deal with the intimacy and vulnerability that connection brings. This way he can avoid the fear and pain of rejection from his past.

If you genuinely like him, you might ask him straight up how he feels about you and ask him why he’s been distant while sharing your own vulnerability. Hopefully, this will open up a dialogue that will further connect you.

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a man ignoring a woman

He’s Busy (Really!)

As relationship expert Amy North, and creator of the Text Chemistry system, says in her YouTube video below, he could just be busy.

Life happens, and suddenly texting you back isn’t his biggest priority anymore. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you or isn’t interested — he’s got other things going on.

If that’s the case, North says to cut him some slack and give it a day or two. If he’s into you, he’ll text you soon!

Get The Same Attraction Texts Amy Uses Here

He’s Playing it (Too) Cool

Call it the male ego, but some guys don’t want to seem too eager.

Your guy might be super interested but he wants to play it cool for whatever reason. This is akin to playing games, so if this is the reason, you might want to put the brakes on this connection yourself. However, when we play “cool” with our bravado it’s often to shield a soft underbelly.

If you’re into him, you could get curious about his behaviour and call him out on it while reassuring him that you like him too.

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You Hurt His Feelings

This is a rare reason, says dating expert Brian Nox in his YouTube video below, “When a Man IGNORES You, here’s what he’s thinking.” But it does happen. So when a guy feels slighted by something that you said or did, he will retreat and lick his wounds, ignoring you in the process.

However, the reason for this will be clear to you, says Nox. Meaning, you won’t have to ask yourself, “What did I say?” Because you’ll know. So if you know you said or did something hurtful, reach out with a genuine apology. Too many relationships turn sour because an “I’m sorry” came too late.

You can see his short video here.

Final Thoughts

Being ignored doesn’t feel good. There are many reasons why a man who likes you might be ignoring you so try not to jump to conclusions.

If your feelings are legitimate for him, then it’s up to you to get curious about your guy’s behaviour.

Need a little help?

Check out North’s Text Chemistry system to get the exact text messages that make guys value their connection with you and want to text you back frequently.

No matter what happens, you deserve someone who will put you and your feelings first.

If he can be honest with what he’s feeling and thinking, then great! But if he can’t offer you a decent reason or explanation for his behaviour, or if he continues to ignore you, then it’s definitely time to move on.

20 Flirty Good Night Texts To Send Him & Why They Work

a woman flirting over textSending goodnight texts to your new love interest is a sweet and flirty way of creating and maintaining connection and intimacy whether you’ve been dating for two weeks or two months, or are in a long-term relationship.

However, just sending a literal “Goodnight” text doesn’t make anyone feel the warm fuzzies inside. Which is why if you want to keep the spark alive between you, it helps to get a little creative with your goodnight text messages.

From flirty to sexy to sweet texts, there are many options to send to your love interest at your fingertips.

Need a little help? No sweat — here are 20 of the best examples of goodnight texts to help get you started.

20 Fun & Flirty Good Night Texts To Send Him

New Relationship Texts

If you want to stay on someone’s mind and ease the anxiety of early dating — because everyone wonders whether or not the person they’re dating is into them — then it’s a good idea to send a sweet-yet-simple goodnight text to your new squeeze.

Sending a “sweet dreams” message right before bedtime lets him know he’s the last person you’re thinking – and dreaming of which immediately cements a bond between you. Some examples to try tonight:

“I had a great time with you today. Have a great night, and can’t wait to see you again. :)”

“I hope you’re having a great night! Thinking of you. Nighty night!”

“Goodnight handsome! ;)”

“I hope you have sweet dreams and that all of them come true. Goodnight, cute person.”

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woman laying in bed texting a guy

Flirty Texts

Have you arrived at official relationship status? Sweet and flirtatious good night text messages are an easy way to let your lover know that you not only appreciate him but that you’re also still very much attracted to him.

As relationship expert Chris Vitale told Datzie when you reassure your guy that you’re into him, then his confidence immediately boosts and he will want to keep showing up for you. Plus, guys love it whenever you make dating fun. The less (unimportant) seriousness they have to deal with, the more they can relax and let their guard down to you. Why not try these flirty ones later?

“I can’t wait to fall asleep and dream of you tonight. Xx”

“My bed is so lonely without you. 🙁 Night night.”

“I’m imagining you lying next to me. Wish it was the real thing. Night, babe.”

“You’re probably getting ready for bed now…Just know that I’m thinking of you and only you. G’night sweetie.”

“Guess what? I’m wearing that cute nightie you love. Wish you were here to see it. Goodnight, babe.”

“Baby, I can’t sleep. I wish you were here to soothe me into slumberland…or maybe something naughtier. Miss your face. Night xo.”

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Naughty Texts

Sexy texts are a great way to deepen your intimacy with one another whether you’ve done the deed or not. They’re also particularly useful when you find yourself in a long-distance relationship, or if one of you is away on vacation or on a business trip. Try these to spice up your love:

“I wish you could hold me tonight…and then make love to me all morning long. Night, baby.”

“FYI: I’m sleeping naked tonight. And thinking of you. And doing…other things. Sweet dreams.”

“I just wanted you to know that I want you so badly right now, and I can’t wait to be naked with you. I’ll be dreaming dirty dreams of us tonight. Xxx”

“Hi, baby. I was just thinking of that time we did [fill in the blank] and how HOT that was. Good luck going to sleep now! HAHA! Night night. ;)”

“Miss me? [send sexy selfie] Sweet dreams, baby.”

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woman sending naughty text to a guy

Committed Relationship Texts

According to a YouTube segment with relationship and dating coach, Amy North, and creator of the Texting Chemistry System, men tend to feel underappreciated by the women in their lives, which is why sending your guy a text that lets him know you’re so grateful for him is a great way to send him into sweet slumber. Some examples:

“I love and appreciate having you in my life. Sweet dreams, baby.”

“Thank you so much for your help with [blank] today. Your support really means a lot to me. Have a good night! Love you!”

“I know this sounds a little corny but I’m really thankful that we met. You’re the best, and you make me smile. Love you, babe. Nighty night.”

“I don’t want to go to bed without telling you how amazing you are at [blank]. Seriously, you’re the best, and I’m so grateful you’re mine. Goodnight, and I love you lots!”

“I’m just re-reading our texts right now, and I’m smiling ear to ear. You make me so happy. Goodnight, baby.”

Final Thoughts

So now that you’re armed with a number of amazing and romantic texts, there’s no doubt that you’ll be sending your sweetheart off into slumber with dreams of you and only you.

If you really want to send him texts that get his heart pulse racing for you and make him think of you and only you then check out Amy North’s Texting Chemistry System. Amy has taught hundreds of women how to build attraction and intense feelings of love and connection through her cleverly crafter psychological text messages. You can watch the video below to find out exactly how she does it.


There are simply hundreds of fun and flirty goodnight texts you can send him if you let your imagination run wild. However, by using Amy’s system you will be able to send text messages that speak directly to the pleasure centers in a man’s mind to trigger his attraction process for you.

How to Know When to Stop Texting a Guy

woman trying to work out if she should stop texting a guyWhen you really like a guy, it’s hard to resist reaching out to him.

You see a funny GIF that cracks you up, you pass it along.

You know he has a nerve-wracking work presentation today, so you shoot him a “You got this!” text.

Basically, whenever he pops up in your mind (which is a lot), you always send him a little something.

While texting is a great way to connect with a new love interest, you definitely don’t want to come off as too clingy. Your enthusiasm might come from the right place but it could turn him off. So how do you know when to stop texting a guy?

Below are some of the most obvious signs that it’s time to take a break from pressing send. And if you need a little more help with texting, you also should check out dating expert Amy North’s Text Chemistry System, which will surely help get his attention in all the right ways.

7 Signs You Should Stop Texting a Guy

You Haven’t Heard From Him in A While

a woman wondering if she should stop texting a guyThis is probably the biggest red flag…

According to relationship expert, Debra Rogers, if he was blowing up your phone one minute but now all you’re hearing is crickets, then that’s a huge sign that not only should you stop texting but maybe it’s also time to say goodbye.

You deserve a guy who’s going to give you as much attention as you give him.

You Always Text Him First

While there isn’t any hard rule as to “who should text who first”, there should be a healthy back-and-forth with your communication. If you find that it’s always you who’s initiating the conversation, then that’s a sign that you need to take a step back.

Even if he responds to your text messaging, you should be with a guy who acts like he’s interested in you, too. And trust me – if a guy’s into you, he will text you as much as you text him.

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He Doesn’t Take the Conversation Anywhere

In order to maintain a connection, your communication needs to be insightful and interesting for both parties.

If he’s just replying with one-word answers to your text messaging and not asking you questions about yourself or doesn’t bother to steer the conversation forward, then Dating Tips 101 advises in this YouTube video below to stop texting him. It’s not solely your responsibility to keep the convo alive.

He Only Communicates With You Via Text

Yes, texting someone is super easy (a little too easy) when it comes to communication, but it shouldn’t be the only way you connect with your guy.

If he’s refusing to call you, or even make IRL plans to meet up with you, then that’s a huge sign that you should stop texting him.

You deserve a guy who wants to communicate with you intimately and in ways that will move the relationship forward.

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You’re Not Waiting For Him to Respond to Your Texts

“Double texting” is okay under certain circumstances, but it shouldn’t be the norm when you’re communicating with a new love interest.

Dating expert Amy North, who knows a thing or two about the texting and dating game, thanks to her Texting Chemistry program, advises that in the early days of dating, you should only text back a man after he responds to you. Otherwise, it can come off as desperate.

So, withhold from sending that third text in a row. Give him the space to respond to you. It’s only then when you’ll know just how interested he really is. So take a break from texting, and see what happens!

Amy has helped hundreds of women create a meaningful connection with guys and build the relationship they truly want to have through her methods. You can find out how she does it here.

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He’s Avoidant When it Comes to Talking About the Future

Whether it’s making date plans for Friday night or talking about future plans in general, if he’s hesitant to confirm plans or he backs out at the last minute, then it’s time to stop texting him.

The truth is, he probably doesn’t see a future with you or want anything serious with you, and just doesn’t have the respect (or guts) to tell you the truth. Time to stop texting him!

a woman looking at her cell phone

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He Deleted You From Social Media

When a guy deletes you from social media, that’s a pretty big sign that he’s not interested in you and is either probably moving on with someone else, or just doesn’t want any sort of reminder of you, or both.

It’s a pretty harsh reality check, yes, but it’s also a clear message that he’s not worthy of your time – or texts – anymore.

Final Thoughts

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, then you owe it to yourself to stop texting this guy. Because here’s the thing: it’s only when you stop texting him that you will know just how interested he is.

When you stop texting him and see what happens, you’ll know what his true intentions are. If he’s right for you, he’ll text back. And if he doesn’t? Then you know he wasn’t the right guy for you.

And if you need more tips on how to effectively text the man who is worthy of you? Then check out Amy North’s Text Chemistry System. You’ll never have to second guess your texting game again.

Double Texting & Second Texts – 5 Simple Rules to Play it Cool

a woman realising that she sent a double textYou really like someone. And when you like someone, you want to naturally connect with them. So, in our modern dating world, that means, of course, texting.

While texting seems like a pretty easy way of communicating with our new crushes (sometimes a little too easy) because there are no hard and fast rules to it, there isn’t a set-upon etiquette of how to use texts “properly’ when it comes to dating.

However, one big No-No to avoid in the early stages of dating is “double texting.”

If you’re not familiar with double texting, it’s basically what it sounds like: it’s sending two text messages in a row to the same person (your crush) without waiting for them to respond back.

For some, receiving a double text is a big red flag.


Because sending a bunch of blue messages can come across as too excitable and/or needy, especially in the early courtship days.

Instead, you want to come across as interested but not too interested, you dig?

Here are some basic rules when it comes to the double text so you can let them see your best self.

(P.S. if you need more help, then check out the Text Chemistry system by renowned relationship coach, Amy North. Her system teaches women how to create a strong sense of connection and attraction with guys through text messages.)

Double Texting Rules You Need To Know

woman looking at cell phoneOnly Double Text If You Have a Good Reason

Texted a funny GIF and haven’t heard back in a day? Then chill your jets.

Eric Resnick, a dating coach and founder of Profile Helper told Elite Daily, said don’t do it unless you have very good reason to do so. Otherwise, he says, doing so only reads as a desperate move. But if you have something concrete to say, like, you’ll be late for your date or how much you’re looking forward to seeing them, then it’s all good to send the second text.

Consider What He’s Doing

There are a number of reasons why guys don’t answer text messages (which, by the way, is their least favourite method of communicating).

He could be at work. He could be at the gym. He could be out with his friends.

As Adam LoDolce says in his video about “7 Texting Mistakes that Turn Guys Off,” dating and texting is a patience game.

Wait it out.

Before you send a double text, stop for a second and consider that he’s probably genuinely busy and needs some space.

Realizing that his life doesn’t revolve around responding to your messages ASAP while also knowing that his response, or lack thereof, doesn’t necessarily reflect his feelings should help ease your mind (and control your fingers).

Just, let him come to you. It feels better.

You can check out Adam’s video here.

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Don’t Get Passive Aggressive

If you haven’t heard back from your crush after a few hours (or days), Molly Fedick, editor-of-chief of Hinge’s advice blog, IRL, told Quartz that you want to refrain from playing petty games like sending passive-aggressive comments in order to get their attention.

So no “Where’d you go?” or “You’re a terrific conversationalist.” Just let it go until they respond. If they don’t, well, then that’s your answer. Move on.

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Why Are You Sending a Double Text?

Is it out of fear and anxiety?

Do you feel he’s about to ghost you?

Do you question the validity of his feelings?

Sending a text out of fear is never a good idea. It only comes across as needy and projects a bad vibe that he can definitely sense. If you have genuine concerns about your relationship, then your best bet is to refrain from a double text, wait another day to process your feelings, and call him.

Communicate your feelings.

From there, you can talk through what each one of you needs from your texting habits, and see how you can put one another at ease.

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a couple texting each other

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How Long Have You Been Dating?

When in doubt, consider how long you’ve been dating this guy. If he hasn’t replied back after your first date, and it’s been at least two to three days, then most likely he’s not interested, so you might as well skip the double text.

If you’ve been dating for a few months, then that’s a different story. He knows your texting patterns and you know his.

By now, there shouldn’t be any worry about who texted last or who didn’t. And if he’s freaked out by a double text after dating a few weeks? Then you might want to tell him, “bye-bye”.

Dating is stressful enough without being concerned about sending a double text to your boyfriend.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line: dating is hard, and worrying about double texting can make it worse.

While you definitely want to come across as your best self to a potential new love interest, you also want to remain true to yourself.

By following the above rules, you’ll feel more in control about your dating life, and therefore more confident.

Need more help? Then be sure to check out the Text Chemistry system by relationship coach, Amy North.

And if you want to send a double text because you really like this guy and feel good and secure about it? Then, by all means, go for it.

When it’s right between two people, there are no steadfast rules when it comes to matters of the heart.

How Guys Text When They Like You – 7 Things They Do Differently

a guy texting sitting on a benchBe honest: how much time do you spend trying to decipher texts from your new crush?

It can be hard to figure out if a guy is into you, especially during the early stages of getting to know someone.

Texting replaces tone, so sometimes you have to read between the lines and the emojis.

While every guy has a different texting style, they do text similarly when they’re into someone.

While they might not want to show all of their cards right away, there are a few commonalities that guys tend to use when they’re into you.

If you’re not sure whether your new match likes you, here’s how to tell through his texting.

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7 Texting Things Guys Do When They Like You

They Text You “Good Morning”

Did you wake up to a good morning text from your new guy? That’s a good sign he’s into you.

Dating expert and matchmaker Susan Trombetti told Cosmo magazine that a good morning text from a guy is “just the appropriate amount of flirting for the start of a new relationship.”

Think about it: if a guy is sending you a good morning text, then you must be the first thing he thinks about as soon as he wakes up.

Yep, he’s definitely into you.

He Asks a Lot of Questions

If a guy is into you, he’s going to want to know as much as he can about you.

From asking about your favorite food to your favorite movie to what was the best thing about your day, a guy who is into you will want to know it all.

Asking questions builds a connection between you, and is a surefire sign that he wants to get closer to you.

a guy reading a flirtatious text message on his cell phone

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He Sends Long, Detailed Messages

Guys generally don’t communicate a lot via texting. In fact, when it comes to messaging their friends and family, less is more.

Which means if a guy is sending you long, detailed paragraphs in response to your questions, even if it was about his day, then you can bet that he likes you.

Certified counsellor Jonathan Bennett told Bustle that when a man sends you a novel-like message almost every time he texts you, then not only does he feel a connection to you, but it also means you’ve become a priority in his life.

Think about it: typing long messages can be tedious and time-consuming. So if he’s taking the time to explicitly fill you in on his life, he’s into you.

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He’s Not Afraid to Text You First

When a guy likes you there are no guessing games when it comes to who should text who first. That’s because an interested guy won’t hesitate to connect with you no matter how busy his day might be.

He’s so excited to hear from you that he doesn’t even want to wait for you to push send – he’s already on it.

On a similar note, a guy who likes you will reply back to you ASAP.

Bennet told Bustle: “This shows that the other person is excited to receive your messages and wants to keep the conversation going. It demonstrates that answering you is a priority, even above and beyond other commitments.”

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They Seem Concerned About You

A guy who’s into you will be naturally concerned about your well-being. If you mentioned that you’re under the weather, he will ask how you’re feeling. He might even offer to cook you chicken soup.

Other signs he cares about you: texting you to make sure you’ve arrived home safely after your date or if you’re away on vacation, he will check in if your plane/train/bus has arrived at your destination safely. Any sign that he cares is a good sign.

He Texts “I Wish You Were Here”

According to dating expert Amy North, a guy who’s interested in you might text you, “I wish you were here.”

This insightful message means that not only is he thinking about you but he also thinks that being with you will make things better wherever he’s at and he misses you. (However, North adds this isn’t a good sign if he’s texting you from his bed late at night or at the strip club.)

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He Wants to Impress You

North also says that when a guy sends you texts boasting about all the awesome things he’s doing – whether it’s winning a soccer tournament or going to a fun event with his buddies – he’s not typically bragging — he just wants to convey how fun and interesting a person he is to you.

In short, he wants to impress you. If you’re curious to learn more about the texting habits of guys and how to attract a guy through texting, then you’ll want to check out Amy North’s Text Chemistry System.

Final Thoughts

So now that you know what to look for in a guy’s text, scroll through your recent messages with your new guy.

If he’s texting you novellas about his awesome day and telling you how much he wishes you were there with him, you can rest assured he’s into you.

To know exactly what to text back to get him to ask you out or commit to you in a relationship, send him one of Amy’s recommended texts here.

5 Tips To Up Your Texting Game

couple having fun textingTexting. We all do it. It’s instant, accessible 24/7 communication that also includes cute emojis – what could go wrong?

Well, unfortunately, plenty.

For many of us, we worry about what to text, when to text, the length of the text, and how much, or how little, should we flirt?

In the dating game, we want to build a memorable connection with the new cutie in our life, and since we’re all practically glued to our smartphones, text messaging is one of the most immediate ways we can do that with someone.

While there are no hard rules for texting, there are some simple tips that will help you stand out from the crowd and make texting less stressful and more fun.

Top Tips To Improve Your Texting Game

Be Positive with Your Texting

For a recent blog post on texting etiquette, dating coach and relationship expert, Amy North said that it’s important to keep your text messages positive.

Texting can be confusing at times because we can’t hear someone’s tone of voice, she says, which means it’s better to err on the side of keeping things light.

If you don’t know each other well, it’s especially important to keep things playful because you don’t know their texting style yet.

When in doubt, throw in an exclamation mark or a friendly emoji. And if you want to know more, you should check out North’s highly acclaimed program, Text Chemistry. It’s a highly effective system to attract a guy through texting, and certainly worth checking out if you crave more of a deep dive into the art of texting.

Don’t Forget to Flirt a Little (or a Lot!)

Don’t forget that texting is a perfect little tool for flirting with him.

Maybe you want to add a little anticipation for your weekend date. Shooting a message like;

“I can’t wait to see you on Friday night!” ? with a little heart-faced emoji can ignite his passion and yearning for you.

Maybe you’re thinking about him (which you probably are), so let him know!

Dating is supposed to be fun, so don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and spice things up a bit. Throw in that winking emoji and express your playful side.

If you’re really wanting to ramp things up to the next level and get his pulse racing for you then check out Amy North’s attraction text messages here.

a guy reading a flirtatious text message on his cell phone

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Be a Gamechanger (Because You’re Valuable!)

Anyone who’s ever received a “hey” text knows how boring that is, which is why dating expert Matthew Hussey says to refrain from using dry text messages that don’t really say anything at all.

In his video, “3 Texting Secrets Men Can’t Resist,” Hussey says it’s important to add value to your text messages so that your intended recipient looks forward to your messages and appreciates hearing from you, which, in turn, means he appreciates you.

So, what is value?

Hussey suggests sending a funny picture or a GIF of a private joke between you.

Maybe you send a snap of the place where you went out on your first date or a link about his favorite band. Anything that instils connection.

You can catch Matt’s video here.

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Ask Engaging Questions

You want to refrain from the “how was your day” or “how are you” messages. Why? Because it’s so easy to glance over a text and/or respond with one-word answers, which don’t move a relationship forward.

Instead, get more curious and initiate a conversation that’s engaging and interesting for both of you.

Instead, ask, “what’s the best thing that’s happened to you today” or “what’s your biggest goal this week?” and further cement your connection.

Avoid Using the Word “Just” and Instead Hype Yourself Up

woman reading a dirty text message from her loverThe word “just” is one of those little words that you might not think too much about, but which actually speak volumes about your confidence.

Dating and relationship coach Mat Bogs wrote that texting someone, “Just checking in” or “Just wondering what you’re up to” screams unworthiness and neediness.

If you’re going to send someone a text, you should be deliberate and confident about it.

Instead of “just checking in,” he suggests sending something like, “Want to do something fun tonight?” or “I want to check out this new art exhibit with a few friends. Wanna join?” It shows your new crush you’re not afraid to take charge a little and you’re confident with who you want (and you want him, right?).

Final Thoughts

Text messaging doesn’t have to be anxiety-riddled or fruitless. In fact, when you keep it positive and confident while adding value to your new love (and maybe an emoji or two), you can help develop a deeper connection.

Now that you have a number of amazing texting tips at your fingertips, it’s time to get typing!

While you don’t have to try every item on the list for your first message, try out the one that feels the most natural to you right now.

If you really want to ramp up his attraction for you then check out these testing tips by Amy North.

Before you know it, your texting game will be on fire – just like your love life.

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How to Keep a Man Interested In The Early Stages

woman trying to keep a man interestedFinally, after weeks of scrolling and swiping through your favorite dating app, you met this amazing guy. You went out on a date, the sparks were flying, the conversation was flowing.

You might’ve even shared a brief “good night” kiss. It’s official: you’re definitely hooked, or at least, you’re interested in exploring where this new connection could go. While the first few weeks and months are easy to gauge a man’s level of interest in you, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to keep a man interested in the long-game.

While clear communication and shared values should make your connection strong and built to last, in those moments of insecurity and doubt, there are some things you can do to help further the relationship along. Here are some tips on to keep a man interested in you.

3 Tips To Keep Him Interested In The Early Stages

Find Common Interests and Have Fun

Dating is all about connection, and how do we stay connected with our sweethearts? By spending time together. By doing activities that are fun, and allow our connection to grow and strengthen.

Find out something that he loves to do, and volunteer to do it with him. Maybe it’s playing soccer or going rock climbing. By taking an interest in his hobbies, you’ll be finding something that you both can enjoy together and he’ll also appreciate you more for wanting to be a part of his life.

Or maybe you can find a different type of activity that you both like to do together.

Whatever it is, try to schedule a common activity as part of your regular schedule. It will feel less like a “date night” where there might be added pressure and more like “fun time”. And when a man associates fun with you, he’ll feel closer to you and will definitely want to spend more time together.

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a couple laying on the grass together

Give Him Space

Are you feeling something’s a little off with your guy?

One of the most popular reasons why you might be reading an article like this one is because you’re sensing some disconnect from him. You have crazy chemistry in person, but maybe he hasn’t been in touch with you for a few days. Maybe it’s been a week.

So you’re beginning to doubt whether or not he’s still into you. The best thing you can do in this situation is to relax, and give him space. Yes, even more space.

Dating expert Single John told a reader in a similar situation for Glamour that it’s completely normal for a guy to fall off the face of the earth once in a while. Maybe he’s genuinely busy with work, or maybe he’s less emotionally involved at the moment and is being (unfortunately) a little insensitive to your needs at this time. Translation: he’s hanging out with friends, lost in his own thing, and isn’t really thinking about you right now.

So if your man needs some space, then give it to him.

If he’s truly interested in you, he will be back around and will respect the fact that you gave him the time to sort his stuff out, and will be happy to reconnect with you once again. Of course, if he’s gone off in no man’s land for weeks without communication, then that’s your cue to reevaluate your connection. Is this someone that you can really get serious with?

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Be Your Best Self

Being scared that your new interest is going to find someone else more attractive than you or being worried they might become distracted by work and thus have little time to spend with you are things that are out of your control.

According to dating expert, Matthew Hussey, you can’t control someone but you can influence someone’s behavior.

And how do you do that?

By being great. By being your best self.

In a must-see video entitled “The Real Secret to Keeping Your Man”, Hussey says by focusing on growing as a person and becoming a more evolved version of yourself is the secret behind keeping a man interested.

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Maybe it’s improving your communication skills or following your passion project, or just making more time to hang out with your friends.

Whatever it is, by committing to be the best person you can be, you’re spending less time worrying about how to keep a man interested in you, and more time on becoming more interesting.


Ultimately, to paraphrase Hussey, love wins. Love seals the deal. The connection is the connection. If there isn’t a genuine connection between you, one that is based on a shared feeling of respect, attraction and a willingness to learn and grow together — and, yes, love together — then there’s nothing that will keep a man interested. He’s either into you or he’s not.

The most important thing you can do is keep learning and focusing on becoming the best version of yourself. Because, one day, a man will find everything about you to be very attractive, and you won’t have a hard time keeping him interested at all.

5 Things NOT to Do When Your Ex Texts You

a girl reading a text message from her ex boyfriendUh oh. You just got the “ping” you were secretly dreading/hoping for: the text from your ex.

Whether your breakup was amicable or not, the “ex text” is mostly inevitable. Sometimes the reach out is code for “are you still single?” Not so much because they want to get back together but because they’re nosy.

Other times it’s because they want to know how you’re doing and want to make sure you’re all right.

Most times the “ex text” is simply a habit reflex, and if your ex is bored and single, well, guess who comes to mind first?

If you receive a text from your ex, here’s what NOT to do.

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Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Texting Your Ex Boyfriend

Don’t Text Back Right Away

While it might be tempting to text back right away – especially if you’re still harbouring feelings for your ex—your best bet is to cool your jets. Give yourself at least an hour or so before you respond. Why? Well, first you want to ensure you’re responding with thought to the message rather than impulsively reacting.

Do you want to text back? If so, what do you want to say? Take a moment to get really clear as to how healthy and productive an exchange with your ex would, or would not, be.

Plus, why not make ‘em sweat and remind them that you have a life that doesn’t revolve around them? Because you do!

Don’t Jump Into a Conversation Right Away

It’s easy to fall back into familiar patterns and want to engage with your ex in your routine banter but let’s remember something: you’re not together anymore, and that’s probably for a good reason.

Since your breakup, you have established boundaries and distance, and depending on how long it’s been since you’ve broken up, there might be some lingering and/or hurt feelings. It’s easy to get sucked into how you two interacted before but this is actually the moment to lean back.

Feel them out. Get clear as to their reasons for contacting you. Don’t be afraid to put your feelings, and your sense of security, first. If you have to ask them straight up, “Why are you contacting me?” do so.

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a woman reading a text message from her ex boyfriend

Don’t Rehash the Breakup

If you’re still hurting from the breakup and have any remaining questions and loose ends you want to tie up, your first instinct might be to do just that. But the first contact isn’t the time or place to do that.

Your ex is contacting you for some reason, and it’s your priority to figure out why that is and for you to decide how you want to proceed from there.

Rehashing the breakup might cause more tension and hostility, and then you’ll find yourself at emotional trauma square one. Maybe your newfound connection can help you sort out your feelings about the breakup later. Until then, try to keep your thought and emotions on an even keel. Be more curious, less reactive.

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Don’t Assume They Want to Get Back Together

Let’s be honest: if you hear back from your ex, especially within the first three to six months post-breakup, you’re going to think they want to get back together – especially if you were the one who was dumped.

This reach out text, then, is particularly potent for you. It’s basically the sign you were waiting for, right? If your ex wants to connect with you, then that must mean they miss you! That they made a mistake! Right? Wrong.

Yes, maybe your ex does miss you. Maybe they are having second thoughts. But let’s not put too much stock into a single text message.

At this point, it’s important for your peace of mind, and your heart, to take your ex at face value. Don’t assume they want to get back together until you hear those exact words. Which means don’t read between the lines or give them the benefit of the doubt.

Trust me, by assuming they don’t want to get back together will help you and your heart in the long run.

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Don’t Be Petty (including mind games)

Depending on how the breakup went down, it’s probably tempting to get a little sassy or even a little mean-spirited when your ex reaches out.

You might be tempted to say something like, “Oh, now you want me” or something that you know will hurt them. Hurt people hurt people, right? But here’s your chance to be the bigger person. Not because you want to show them that you don’t care anymore – apathy is overrated – but because you are the bigger person. You understand that you once shared a meaningful connection with this person and you respect your history together.

You understand that you’ve learned lessons from this person, and so now you have a better idea of who and what you want and don’t want, in a relationship. So show up as that person. Not to entice them. Not to make them jealous. But because you’re better than that, and you know it.

Of course, the sixth thing would be NOT to answer at all. This is a totally valid action.

Consider if this person is even deserving a minute of your time. Consider the consequences, and potentially dysfunctional fallout from responding, and then act accordingly.

Remember: you alone protect your heart.

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