20 Flirty Good Night Texts To Send Him & Why They Work

a woman flirting over textSending goodnight texts to your new love interest is a sweet and flirty way of creating and maintaining connection and intimacy whether you’ve been dating for two weeks or two months, or are in a long-term relationship.

However, just sending a literal “Goodnight” text doesn’t make anyone feel the warm fuzzies inside. Which is why if you want to keep the spark alive between you, it helps to get a little creative with your goodnight text messages.

From flirty to sexy to sweet texts, there are many options to send to your love interest at your fingertips.

Need a little help? No sweat — here are 20 of the best examples of goodnight texts to help get you started.

20 Fun & Flirty Good Night Texts To Send Him

New Relationship Texts

If you want to stay on someone’s mind and ease the anxiety of early dating — because everyone wonders whether or not the person they’re dating is into them — then it’s a good idea to send a sweet-yet-simple goodnight text to your new squeeze.

Sending a “sweet dreams” message right before bedtime lets him know he’s the last person you’re thinking – and dreaming of which immediately cements a bond between you. Some examples to try tonight:

“I had a great time with you today. Have a great night, and can’t wait to see you again. :)”

“I hope you’re having a great night! Thinking of you. Nighty night!”

“Goodnight handsome! ;)”

“I hope you have sweet dreams and that all of them come true. Goodnight, cute person.”

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woman laying in bed texting a guy

Flirty Texts

Have you arrived at official relationship status? Sweet and flirtatious good night text messages are an easy way to let your lover know that you not only appreciate him but that you’re also still very much attracted to him.

As relationship expert Chris Vitale told Datzie when you reassure your guy that you’re into him, then his confidence immediately boosts and he will want to keep showing up for you. Plus, guys love it whenever you make dating fun. The less (unimportant) seriousness they have to deal with, the more they can relax and let their guard down to you. Why not try these flirty ones later?

“I can’t wait to fall asleep and dream of you tonight. Xx”

“My bed is so lonely without you. 🙁 Night night.”

“I’m imagining you lying next to me. Wish it was the real thing. Night, babe.”

“You’re probably getting ready for bed now…Just know that I’m thinking of you and only you. G’night sweetie.”

“Guess what? I’m wearing that cute nightie you love. Wish you were here to see it. Goodnight, babe.”

“Baby, I can’t sleep. I wish you were here to soothe me into slumberland…or maybe something naughtier. Miss your face. Night xo.”

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Naughty Texts

Sexy texts are a great way to deepen your intimacy with one another whether you’ve done the deed or not. They’re also particularly useful when you find yourself in a long-distance relationship, or if one of you is away on vacation or on a business trip. Try these to spice up your love:

“I wish you could hold me tonight…and then make love to me all morning long. Night, baby.”

“FYI: I’m sleeping naked tonight. And thinking of you. And doing…other things. Sweet dreams.”

“I just wanted you to know that I want you so badly right now, and I can’t wait to be naked with you. I’ll be dreaming dirty dreams of us tonight. Xxx”

“Hi, baby. I was just thinking of that time we did [fill in the blank] and how HOT that was. Good luck going to sleep now! HAHA! Night night. ;)”

“Miss me? [send sexy selfie] Sweet dreams, baby.”

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woman sending naughty text to a guy

Committed Relationship Texts

According to a YouTube segment with relationship and dating coach, Amy North, and creator of the Texting Chemistry System, men tend to feel underappreciated by the women in their lives, which is why sending your guy a text that lets him know you’re so grateful for him is a great way to send him into sweet slumber. Some examples:

“I love and appreciate having you in my life. Sweet dreams, baby.”

“Thank you so much for your help with [blank] today. Your support really means a lot to me. Have a good night! Love you!”

“I know this sounds a little corny but I’m really thankful that we met. You’re the best, and you make me smile. Love you, babe. Nighty night.”

“I don’t want to go to bed without telling you how amazing you are at [blank]. Seriously, you’re the best, and I’m so grateful you’re mine. Goodnight, and I love you lots!”

“I’m just re-reading our texts right now, and I’m smiling ear to ear. You make me so happy. Goodnight, baby.”

Final Thoughts

So now that you’re armed with a number of amazing and romantic texts, there’s no doubt that you’ll be sending your sweetheart off into slumber with dreams of you and only you.

If you really want to send him texts that get his heart pulse racing for you and make him think of you and only you then check out Amy North’s Texting Chemistry System. Amy has taught hundreds of women how to build attraction and intense feelings of love and connection through her cleverly crafter psychological text messages. You can watch the video below to find out exactly how she does it.


There are simply hundreds of fun and flirty goodnight texts you can send him if you let your imagination run wild. However, by using Amy’s system you will be able to send text messages that speak directly to the pleasure centers in a man’s mind to trigger his attraction process for you.

How To Seduce a Man With Your Words

a woman seducing a guy in a cafeSeduction plays a large role in the dynamic that helps two people initially build the attraction between each other.

A woman holds a great deal of power if she is able to communicate effectively. The way she engages herself, both verbally and nonverbally, will directly contribute to how attractive a man finds her. This, in turn, will build the attraction very quickly.

If you’re wanting to know how to step into your female power and seduce him in a way that makes him both feel respect and attraction for you, then this article is for you.

If you’re in a hurry and you just want to learn the secrets to seductive conversation then you can discover them here.

Otherwise, please keep reading.

9 Tips To Seduce a Guy & Make Him Want You

Nonverbal seduction sets the foundation for the energy between the two of you and the energy that you exude. If the nonverbal piece is not mastered, the verbal will just feel embarrassing and silly.

Nonverbal seduction includes, but is not limited to:

  • Body language
  • Smiling
  • Touch
  • Scent
  • Physical and spatial awareness
  • Eye contact
  • Posture
  • Facial expressions
  • Your overall presentation and confidence

While I could write quite a lengthy blog post on each of the above separately (and I probably will), know for now that each of these aspects is important ingredients in the overall seduction game.

I will now delve a little more deeply into these aspects fo your seduction toolkit. So, let’s start with your overall presentation and confidence.

Presentation and confidence

In order for you to effectively seduce a guy, you must first be confident in yourself. That being said, in order to first be confident in yourself, you must put conscious effort into your overall presentation.

We’ll start with looks:

  • How is your fitness?
  • Do you exercise regularly?
  • What are your eating habits like?
  • Do you follow the 80/20 rule of making healthy food choices 80% of the time and allowing for 20% of guilt-free indulgence?
  • What about your clothing choices?
  • Do you put effort into piecing together attractive articles of clothing to care for yourself and accentuate your best body parts?
  • What about your mental health?
  • Do you speak kindly of yourself in your mind and to others?
  • Are you humble, with a healthy balance of confidence and humility?

As you can probably tell, getting your life in order according to the above questions will not only bring about a renewed sense of health and well-being, you will also start to radiate a more happy, outgoing and confident aura, which is highly attractive to guys.

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Body language

a woman trying to seduce a guy ona beachThe way you present yourself physically speaks volumes about you before you even open your mouth.

If you were able to answer the above questions about your overall presentation and confidence in the affirmative, meaning that you have the above items in check, the next step is to look at your body language.

Do you stand tall and proud (again, without seeming cocky)? Or, are your shoulders and back slouching, indicating that you may have low self-esteem.

What facial expressions do you commonly wear? Are you relaxed, smiling and upbeat? Are you making eye contact when you talk to people?

Think about people who you find attractive and imagine their physical posture and how they carry themselves. They’re likely standing tall, proud, and open (arms at the side, legs separated), a warm, welcoming, cheerful face with a relaxed air about them.

Think about someone who you find unattractive, and they probably appear to be closed off, angry, mopey and depressed and generally unapproachable. Adjust accordingly to be like the person you find attractive and you’re well on your way to presenting yourself in a much more attractive way.

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Hygiene and scent

Be sure to practice good hygiene. Use a perfume that is noticeable, but not too over-powering and try to choose a scent that is unique to you.

Be sure to practice daily oral hygiene and when you have something stinky for lunch, pop a piece of gum in your mouth. You never know when you might bump into that cute guy from the office or your secret crush at the gym.

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Verbal seduction

a man sending a text messageWhen you’re trying to work your magic on a guy it is important to be playful and relaxed with it.

Being subtly or overtly flirtatious can be a lot of fun, especially when the guy starts playing back with you. Just keep it light-hearted and playful to start with and have fun with it.

Be conscious of your tone of voice as your voice tone will convey a great deal more about your intentions than just the words you use alone.

Think of a few key words or lines that you are comfortable using either in person, on the phone, or via text and email.

Also, allowing a little discomfort to push yourself beyond your comfort zone will improve your seduction skills and increase the sense of thrill you will feel when flirting with him.

Be playful

This may sound strange but think about some of your best friendships where you have a fun, playful banter between you and a friend.

If you can apply some of this playful energy into your seduction game, it will show that you are confident in yourself, you have a good sense of humour, you’re creative, unique, easy going, and carefree.

The last thing a guy wants is someone who is too serious or stuck up. But, be careful to find a balance here too because you do not want to come off as immature or that you can’t be taken seriously.

The key is to mix it up and switch your energy between being fun and playful to sincere. Doing this will make him more curious about you as it shows depth to your character.

Above all, stay present with him and read the social cues and learn when you can lighten the mood with a playful joke, and when you need to be serious.

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Be aware of your tone of voice

Most people would agree that they do not like loud, screechy voices. A lower, calmer, softer, and even husky (but don’t try to fake that if you don’t have it naturally…) voice is what a man will be drawn to.

Give compliments, but not too many!

Everyone loves compliments as it’s a nice ego massage for them and it also shows that other people do also notice their efforts and good points.

Paying a guy a compliment also indirectly demonstrates to him that you’re not self-absorbed and you do take an interest in other people, which is, of course, an attractive quality.

So, paying attention to him and noticing things like when he puts the effort in to do his hair or wears something new is a great thing to compliment him on.

You can also compliment him on his scent, physique, his energy or presence, his posture and even his intelligence (if he has any).

Remember that all attraction starts and ends in the brain. You must have a connection in order for a physical attraction to formulate and remain.

Complimenting his mind, his humour or his creative edge will show him that you care to take the time to look deeper into who he is as a person.

However, always make your compliments honest and sincere. For example, if intelligence is not his strong point then don’t compliment him on it, or he’ll either think you’re being fake or you’re making fun of him. Instead, just choose something that he truly does have going for him such as his physique or his sense of humour and compliment him on that.

Final Thoughts

When you work on your overall presentation and body language first, you will be able to fine-tune all of the other nonverbal aspects that go into seduction. Once you feel confident in your nonverbal delivery, you can move toward utilizing the verbal skills and actual words!

If you want to have an exact playbook of what to say at every step of the way to seduce a guy with your words then I recommend you check out Conversation Chemistry by relationship expert, Mirabelle Summers.

How To Be Irresistible To Men – A Woman’s Guide

an attractive couple laughing and hugging each otherAs women, we tend to overthink every detail and wonder if we’re doing the right thing, saying the right words, wearing the right outfits, presenting ourselves in the right way, and so forth.

To help avoid some unnecessary exhaustion, this article will help to simplify the traits and characteristics that make a woman much more attractive to men. Understanding what these traits are will help you to enhance these qualities in yourself.

However, understanding what men truly want from a woman beyond her physical appearance is the key to making yourself insatiably attractive to him. According to relationship expert, James Bauer, there is a secret obsession that all me have, and it is the woman who are able to trigger this reaction in him that appear far more attractive in his eyes than any other woman. James explains the secret and how to trigger it here.

A Woman’s Guide to Attract the Kind of Man You Want

Confidence is key

But not cockiness. How you present yourself speaks a thousand words before you even say a single one. Your physical presentation and your body language is the foundation for every other detail that the male brain is calculating about you. Check your posture. Stand straight, tall, and proud! Be conscious of your eye contact.

Lift your head high (but don’t break your neck) and make eye contact when you’re speaking to someone. When you speak, speak with conviction. You are a smart, courageous, interesting, funny woman so let that shine through your presentation of yourself. You have so many things going for you – a great job, hobbies, a social life, etc!

Anything that isn’t exactly how you’d like it to be is a work in progress and you have the confidence to know that that’s okay! Be aware of your body language, your eye contact, the language you’re using, and the conviction to the words you speak.

research on being irresistible

Kindness is just as important

Everybody likes people who are nice. Now, not to complicate things here, but there is such a thing as being TOO nice and being viewed as a “pushover”. Be kind, but also (once again) be confident to know your boundaries and your expectations. When you think kindness, think respect. Use positive and helpful language toward yourself, toward others, and in all of your engagements.

Remember the “Golden Rule” to treat others the way you want to be treated and allow that message to shine through all of your interactions and handlings, including the way you treat yourself and allow others to treat you.

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Respect yourself and others

Similarly to be kind, be respectful. Self-respect entails so many variables – be kind to yourself through positive self-talk, treat yourself by taking care of your body and the way you look, respect your body’s needs through physical activity and eating well, allow yourself to try new experiences to grow as a person, take pride in the way you look and maintain your appearance. Respect others.

Speak positively and constructively of others and with others. Be helpful in all that you do. Remember that the way you act when no one is looking says way more about you and your character than you could ever describe.

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Put effort into how you look

There is no need to go above and beyond or to obsess over the way you look, but when you put effort into your appearance it is a direct reflection of your self-confidence and self-respect, which in turn, will make you irresistible. Take time to work out. This does not mean that you need to be a fitness model, but you do need to treat your body well.

It is the only one you will ever have. Work out regularly, eat healthy foods, give your body the nutrition it needs, and take care of your mental health as well by resting, trying some meditation or yoga, and doing the things that make you happy!

two attractive women talking to two men

Work on your own happiness

There is no better way to attract the right kind of people into your life than to work on your own inner wellness and happiness. Men aside for a second, you want to be surrounded by like-minded, positive people who will enhance your life and contribute to your growth and wellness. You also want to contribute to others, by the way!

Look within yourself to identify how you really feel about yourself and your life. What changes do you need to make to improve your happiness? Start with gratitude by identifying what you already have. Then, figure out concrete ways to work toward making your life even better. This is YOUR life and only you truly have the power to make it the best it can be.

Your true inner happiness will attract other happy people and other happy things.

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Have fun and laugh!

Truly one of the most attractive qualities in any person is their ability to be at ease, laugh, take a joke, and make light of any situation. Of course, there are people who take humor to the extreme and act inappropriately with making jokes too often or in bad taste. But, overall, most people would say that they are drawn to people with a good sense of humor (usually coupled with maturity).

When you can show this side of yourself, people feel more relaxed around you, therefore they are drawn to the sense of comfort that you exert through your laid-back attitude!

Most importantly, always be yourself and when you are being yourself, be sure to be the best version of the person you are. Always look for ways you can improve (without criticism), be aware of how you present yourself, and let your colors shine!

What To Text a Guy to Make Him Want You

a woman sending a text message in bedWhen it comes to texting, we ask ourselves a million questions – What should I say? Am I being interesting enough? Am I texting too much? How long should I wait to respond? Does he know I’m joking? Should I double text? Is it too early to message him? Should I text first..?

Below is a list of the best suggestions on how to text – including what to avoid.

How To Text a Guy To Get Him To Want You

Be interesting

Talk about your plans, your friends, your family, positives of work, the hobbies you have, events you’re looking forward to, and your interests. Share positive parts of your day and ask him about the positives of his.

Tell him about a fitness class you’re taking and ask what type of workouts he is into. Let him know you’re excited about an event in your city that you’re going to attend.

Cheat! Get The ‘Exact’ Text Messages To Send To Get Him To Want You Here

Ask him open-ended questions

Do not ask questions that only allow for a “yes” or “no” response. The best way to do this is to share something about yourself within the conversation and then follow up on that same topic with an open-ended question.

For example, you can say something like, “I’m meeting up with a friend to get coffee on Sunday. What is your favorite go-to meeting spot to catch up with friends?” Or when talking about work you can ask would you rather type of questions like, “Would you rather sit in an 8-hour meeting without lunch or have to work on a Saturday for two hours?” (Assuming he and you work a normal 9-5). These types of questions are engaging, make you interesting, and help you to learn more about him.

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Focus only on positives

A common and detrimental mistake they many people make is they don’t have anything to say so they resort to complaining. Do not get into this habit. Focus only on positive, funny, and lighthearted messages to share and do not allow yourself to become a sounding board for someone else to complain to.

If he starts complaining or focusing on negatives, redirect the conversation to something different or offers a shift in perspective by finding the positives in his situation. If you notice that he continues to complain, you may want to consider if these conversations should even continue.

a guy reading a flirtatious text message on his cell phone

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Do not respond right away

Often times women think it comes off as “rude” when they don’t answer right away. This is simply not true. You are an independent, well-established woman who is BUSY with work, family, friends, errands, hobbies, and interests. The truth is that if you’re able to respond to every text or call immediately, you’re probably too attached to your phone and not engaged enough in the real world and relationships around you.

While it is not good to wait 3 days to respond, it also isn’t good to respond within seconds. Stick to the 80/20 rule. 80% of your time should be occupied and therefore you should be delayed in your responses (anything from a few minutes to later on in the day is acceptable).

Try to find a combination of responding within minutes, then within hours, and throw in some quick instant responses in between. 20% of your time is when you offer the instant responses.

Think of it this way: 80% of your time is spent: at work, the gym, food shopping, running errands, showering, cleaning, spending time with friends and family. 20% of your time is spent relaxing, watching your favorite shows, and sleeping. During this 20% of your time, it is okay to respond quickly. During the 80% respond within a comfortable time frame (a few minutes/a few hours). The idea is that you’re busy and you aren’t revolving your life around your phone – which is attractive! The opposite is unattractive.

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Let him initiate

Most of the time. See how interested he is and if he can carry and maintain a conversation. Only share as much as you get. Do not overdo it or you are likely going to scare him away. Let him guide the flow of the conversation and be sure to provide responses that elicit continuation.

a woman laying on her back on a bed sending a text message

Do not text too much or repeatedly

Any typical person sees a novel of a text and becomes overwhelmed at the chore of reading and responding. Save the long thoughts and stories for your time in person! Similarly, do not double text or send multiple texts in a row. This makes you look too available and can also make you look annoying. If he doesn’t respond, cut your losses and move on, but not at the cost of your dignity.

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Do not overdo the use of lol, lmao, Hahaha, or emojis

Use them appropriately and how they’re intended. Do not end every sentence with “lol” and unless you are actually laughing your ass off, don’t say it. Overuse of these texting tools makes you seem fake and uninteresting because you have nothing else to contribute in response to playful banter.

The beauty of texting is that you have time to think of a witty response! Utilize your time and utilize the gifs option for iPhones. Sending gifs is way more entertaining (and shows that you thought it through to create a clever response) than lol, lmao, hahaha, or a bunch of emojis ever will be.

Be yourself!

Keep the guidelines above in mind for your daily interactions, but do not allow them to add more stress to the situation. Texting with someone new should be engaging, exciting, and most importantly: fun! When you connect with the right person, all of those feelings will come naturally.

The most important thing you can do is to just be yourself and the right person will love you for who you are.

Fun Ways To Keep A Guy Interested Through Texts

a woman trying to keep a guy interested through textThe dating world can already be a complicated place and now we have the added element of texting and social media to (sometimes) make dating seem more difficult.

If you are dating and finding yourself unsure of how to communicate via text, I’m about to help you out in this article.

If you’re in a hurry then you can watch this video by renowned relationship expert Amy North, and get the exact text messages that will build a connection and make him want you.

Be open to the concept of blackout times

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they start texting someone new is they instantly become a texting slave, being at the other person’s beck-and-call. This is not only exhausting for you, but it is unattractive.

While I do not support playing games, I do support having a savvy strategy. Blackout times in the texting world means that you go through periods of times where you DO NOT text at all. You do not initiate and you do not respond (or depending on the situation, you may respond, but you take a while too).

The most common blackout times are: during the majority of the workday, on Friday nights (unless you scheduled a date with the person you’re texting), arguably all day on Saturday (day and night; again unless you scheduled a date), and Sunday up until about 6 or 7 pm.

Heres the theory: during the work day, you have responsibilities and even if you can be on your phone all day, it will make you more attractive if it seems like you are so busy and needed at work. You don’t have time to be glued to your phone – which is a good thing! It makes you seem busy and interesting.

On the weekends, you have plans with friends. Unless you have plans for a date in which case texting may take place to confirm or coordinate logistics, you are NOT on your phone. You are present with whoever you are spending time with… and if realistically you are home on your couch, there is nothing wrong with that.

What is key is pretending like you aren’t sitting around thinking about that person. Keep yourself busy and interesting (or pretending to be) so he will wonder what you’re up to!

Text Chemistry attraction text message image

Find a healthy balance

Find a healthy balance of waiting to respond versus responding immediately. With the idea that you are busy (either at work because you’re important or in your social life because you’re loved), chances are that you are not going to respond within seconds.

A healthy balance to keep in mind is 80/20. 80% of the time, wait a bit to answer and have your waiting periods vary from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. 20% of the time you can respond immediately or pretty quickly.

Keep in mind that when you do wait, try to switch it up and try not to exceed a long period of time often. Think of it this way: respond in two minutes (20% of your time), respond in 15 minutes (80% of your time), respond in 2 minutes (20%), respond in 45 minutes (80%), respond in an hour (80%), respond in 20 minutes (80%), respond in 2 minutes (20%).

Make your patterns unpredictable, but don’t overthink it. The truth (hopefully) is that this comes easily because you are hopefully actually busy at work and in your social life! And, if that isn’t true for you, maybe it’s time to reevaluate how you’re spending your time.

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Show your fun side

Showing your quirky, funny, easy-going side to him through your texts can be a lot of fun. When you are engaging in conversation, take a deep breath and relax! Try to sneak in a joke, utilize funny gifs or memes, and be light-hearted! Think about the funny/entertaining/interesting people who you enjoy talking to and be that person, but also… be yourself!

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DO NOT complain

Another HUGE mistake that many people make in texting conversations is they don’t know what to say, so they spend time complaining – about work, traffic, the weather, etc. DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT do this.

It takes practice to resist the temptation to complain, but this is never going to end well for you, just as you should not be listening to someone else complain about mundane things.

If you don’t have anything interesting, thoughtful, or funny to say, do not say it at all. Complaining will make any guy run, guaranteed.

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Remember, his friends might see your text

When texting your guy, bear in mind that he might not be alone when you send it and depending on what you send him he may show his friends.

This is even more reason to make sure you send him the right texts so not only does he think you’re hot, but his friends do too.

Why do you want his friends to also think you’re hot and not a dork?

Because if they think you’re a cool, sexy chic they’ll be saying things to him like, “ah man, you’re so lucky! Go for it, bro!”

If he gets this kind of signals from his buddies then he’ll be 10x more likely to start chasing you to make sure he gets you and not someone else.

However, if you send the wrong text or one that’s just a bit lame then if he shows his friends and they tease him that he’s texting a dork then you’ll probably be out’a there and you’ll likely not hear from him again.

BIG TEXTING HACK: To get the exact text messages to send him so he not only perceives you as a cool chic and someone he wants to get to know, but the messages that will spark a strong sense of attraction and desire in him, watch this short video here.

Never ask him to entertain you

Similarly to complaining and in light of the fact that you are a busy girl, you do not need a man to entertain you and you especially do not need him to entertain you through texts. Let him entertain you by bringing you on a date.

Never ever, no matter how bored you might actually be, ask him to entertain you. It’s unattractive and juvenile. You’re better than that.

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Do not double text

Another rookie mistake. If you send him the same text twice, he should run. If you send a text that he doesn’t respond to and then follow up trying to continue the conversation, this also is a no-go. Conversations sometimes die off or sometimes there isn’t anything to respond to.

Wait for him to continue or move on from it. Do not send more than one text at a time in the beginning. Once you’re in a relationship that changes, but at first do not double text.

Provide responses that elicit a response

In order to help avoid having to double text, provide messages that elicit a response. Keep them open-ended or ask questions. Try to provide more meaningful responses other than “k” or “that’s cool” or “nice”. Ask questions about the topic or offer experiences you’ve had that you can relate with.

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Ask questions

Ask hi fun questions with your texts, but not too many. Ask questions to show interest. Ask him about his family, his friends, work, travel, hobbies. Find out about this person you’re engaging with and be genuine! But, do not overdo it. Asking too many questions can seem overwhelming and can make him feel like you’re his mother.

If he is not reciprocating with questions consider letting this one go because he clearly is not interested in getting to know the person you are.

Stick to these strategies, show your true colors, and remember to have fun and you will continue to keep guys interested through texts!

How to Flirt with a Guy Over Text in 10 Sexy Steps

a woman text flirting with a guyKnowing how to flirt with a guy over text can certainly help to make you more attractive as long as you do it in the right way. However, it is vital not to do it in a way that makes you seem too easy.

Coming across as too easy will reduce a guy’s interest in you in the long run, which may cause him to not respect you and take you for granted.

This, of course, needs to be avoided at all costs. Therefore, you should always flirt discreetly when texting a guy, use implied compliments and ambiguity to keep him guessing.

Regardless of your end game, whether you want the guy in question to fall in love with you or you just want him to be sexually attracted to you, flirt texting can help you to make it happen.

If you’re in a hurry you can send him the tried and tested texts that get him hot and chasing you, as recommended by a world-renowned relationship coach. You can get the exact texts to send him here.

How to Flirt with a Guy Over Text – 10 Sexy & Subtle Tricks

One essential thing to drill into your mind is always to ensure that you do not come out as the only one doing the flirting.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, guys have a tendency of taking the back seat when they realize that you like them. Unfortunately, this may cause them to lose interest in pursuing you, which beats the purpose of flirting in the first place.

With this in mind, you should make it seem as if he is the one that is pursuing you and trying to woo you, whereas, in the real sense, you are pulling the strings and in control every single step of the way.

To help you achieve this, you should keep the following pointers firmly in mind when flirt texting the next time.

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Engage his imagination

The best way to initiate flirt texting discretely is to use his imagination to your advantage.

For instance, tell him you remembered him or you remembered something he did which made you smile. Telling him, “I remembered you” is a compliment which boosts his ego.

In so doing, he becomes warmer and reciprocates your subtle advances with a flirt text. Much more importantly, he will try harder to please you.

Use emoji’s as often as possible

Smiley faces play the part of your actual smile and are generally fun and playful, which is sexy.

Just as a genuine smile works to your advantage to make someone feel warmer towards you, so do smiley faces. A couple of smiley faces and a wink would make him more open to flirt texting with you even if he didn’t plan to do so.

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Get personal

One of the best ways of getting personal is to use his name as often as possible. Using his name or even a pet name (if you have one) also strokes his ego. At the same time, it gives the message you are sending a personal feeling to it. Every few texts use his name, especially when texting a guy a compliment or when you are being cute.

Discreetly Arouse Him

This is where mastery or lack of the art of Flirt texting is discerned. You need to arouse him but at the same time, you need to be discreet while doing so.

Give him something that will play with his imagination, keep him guessing and wondering what is the hidden message in your text. Curiosity is a great arousal tool and will work wonders to get his mind sizzling in the right direction.

Discover the secret phrases that you can use to flip his passion switch into overdrive and have him pursuing you like a little lost puppy in this simple video.

Keep Things Interesting

a man flirt texting his girlfriendOne of the ingredients of good movies is suspense. You should ensure that you keep things interesting and mysterious. Do not give lengthy explanations of what you are doing, thinking or feeling every time; less is more!

Keep things short.

This will stroke his curiosity and as such it will give him the eagerness to continue flirt texting you and to ask you more. If he asks for clarification on something you said, just change the topic by asking him another question.

More interest means he will pursue you more.

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Flirting and dirty talk

One of the most important aspects of flirt texting is finding an equilibrium between not appearing too easy and giving him an opportunity to talk dirty over text.

The best way to do this is to be ambiguous and vague with your language and use words and phrases that seem innocent in the context of your message but also have sexual connotations.

Doing this effectively can drive a man wild in his mind and get him imagining all kinds of crazy sexual stuff with you.

This way, he will think that he is lucky and or his efforts in wooing you are paying off.

Whichever the case you win.

Be sweet

Every once in a while be sweet and cute. Complement him whenever possible but do not make it obvious and don’t overdo it. An implied rather than direct compliment always works best. Guys are like ladies in regards to yearning for attention. Compliments are one of the best ways that you can give him attention, while not coming out as too easy.

The end gain here is that he will try as much as possible to reciprocate the feeling, thus being a sweetheart to you as much as possible.

Keep your cool

Coming across as desperate is a sure way to put him off. Don’t be the one to suggest a meet-up or a date. Instead, you want to use your flirt texting to push him to the point where he feels that he’s got to see you and will, therefore, suggest meeting up.

Don’t be too clingy

Closely related to the above is making sure you are not too clingy when flirt texting, especially after you have formed a good connection with him.

Flirt with him but keep things simple and give him space. After all, he does have a life to live.

Know when to cool off

Once you build chemistry and flirt texting becomes a norm between the guy and you, you should have a sense of self-preservation.

For instance, if he is not replying your texts, you should give him time to do so, as he may be busy or just not in a flirty mood. You must also prepare for the possibility that he is not interested in you or you messed up your flirt texting and wound up putting him off.

This absolutely can happen as text flirting can actually make or break a would-be relationship in the early stages if you don’t do it right. These tips will help get you going in the right direction, but if you really like the guy you are planning to flirt with, and really want to push his hot buttons, then you absolutely must watch this video.

These tips will guide you to the best flirt texting practice, without coming across as desperate or too easy, which is a great starting place in any case.

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