The Secret To Making a Guy Want You Through Text – Text Chemistry Review

The Text Chemistry course by Amy NorthThere is no doubt, we all have problems in relationships from time to time. Someone left us, hurt us or, maybe, just didn’t even notice us…

Nobody wants to go through this again.

However, there indeed are things that could help us not to repeat our mistakes.

Learning from them is important, but what if you gave your best, but every time got a disappointing result? Don’t worry, there are solutions, and I am here to offer one that has helped hundreds of other women just like you and me.

It’s a product created by Amy North. It is called Text Chemistry.

Firstly, I want to inform you that this is only my humble opinion, added to collected opinions of other people who tried it and that if it works for me or someone else, it doesn’t mean that It will work for you as well. It all depends on how you use and implement the material that Amy will teach you.

If you take action as she says then you are far more likely to get the results you are looking for.

When relationships with people are in question, nothing is certain. That is why I think that, because everybody is unique, it’s important to get informed about how relationships work, in any case.

Before any purchase, you should read reviews from others first. I will make sure that, with this review, you get to know everything you need before you decide to buy Text Chemistry, for all your own reasons.

So, my review will contain overall information about the Text Chemistry program, what it contains and why I think it is a good investment. So, what actually is Text Chemistry..?

About Text Chemistry & Creator – Amy North

Text Chemistry logoText chemistry is a 50-thousand-word e-book and guide, created by Amy North, as a solution to get men’s attention through text messaging.

At the core of Amy’s product are simple but powerful “desire” text messages to get a man to fall in love with you and commit.

There is also a thirteen-part ‘live person’ video series and three additional bonus ebooks in PDF format, each thirty to forty pages in length and one audio interview. This audio interview is an unadvertised bonus that is included as a surprise when you buy Text Chemistry.

So, the product is the primary Text Chemistry book with additional videos and extra bonus ebooks about all kinds of problems that can occur in a relationship, and the solutions for them.

One of the main benefits of the videos is that they help to explain some of the core chapters in the book more thoroughly and give more understanding.

By now, you may be wondering what the additional bonuses are about. I will explain them in more detail in this review, so stay with me through this guide.

As mentioned earlier, the creator of this program is Amy North. She is a dating coach and relationship expert for women from Vancouver, Canada. Amy is very popular in her field of work and now a sought after coach.

Text Chemistry is different than other books about dating and is perfect for the modern world of dating. Everybody is using dating apps now, which you cannot learn about from older books.

Dating apps and meeting online: love it or hate it, this is the future of modern dating. There is no doubt about that. This is a core reason why “how” you text someone can play a very important role in your relationship, especially in the early stages.

This program is here to teach you exactly how you should text men in order to get his immediate attention and draw him to you.

It is well known that men and women think very differently when it comes to dating, love and relationships. Couple this with the fact that text messaging is now at the core of all forms of communication and problems can easily arise.

It is ‘especially’ easy to cause misunderstandings or give an unintended impression through your texts. This is mainly because we cannot see the other person, read their body language or feel their emotion.

Have you ever sent a guy a well-meaning text message only to either get a storage reply back from him or worse yet, no reply at all?

It’s likely that you communicated something to him that he either misunderstood or simply turned him off.

This guide can help you to not only keep any man interested in you but also it is aimed to make him become crazy about you.

I am not only talking about men that you are already in a relationship with, although it can help in these cases, too. I am talking about literally any man that you can think of.

If you think it’s impossible, that’s understandable, but a lot of women claim that this guide has helped them in many different ways.

Amy has spent a considerable amount of time researching the nature of peoples’ relationships and this is the ultimate result of her work.

How does Text Chemistry work?

woman reading a dirty text message from her loverAmy’s techniques aim to stimulate a man’s “psychological triggers” by simply writing a few cleverly crafted text messages. Using her course, you will know exactly what to send him. Some women claim that it works even on the most uninterested men.

With these “attention hooks’, you get a man constantly thinking about you. You can even choose what kind of attention you want to acquire. However, it depends on the situation that you are in, of course.

This guide is put together in a simple and concise way, so you will not get lost in the content. I will explain more about the content later in this review, so keep please reading!
I will also explain in a bit more detail how and why Amy’s methods are so effective. It primarily comes down to the psychological strategies used that trigger a man’s desire process for a woman.

What results can Text Chemistry it bring?

This product has the potential to bring men into your life. It can attract new ones, or make the old ones miss you and want to get you back. Or, on the contrary, it can help to re-ignite a burnt-out flame in your existing relationship.

The course is also a time saver when it comes to dating as you won’t need to constantly go out in search of a guy. After all, there are times when we just don’t feel like going out for a guy.

Everything is digital here. With a few simple text messages, he will start to pay more attention to you, and moreover, you will start to be always on his mind.

Not only can this course help you to attract men, but it can also help boost your confidence in the dating scene and in your relationships.

Amy will also teach you about all the different types of men you can interact with. You will learn how to properly talk to each of them.

Text Examples & Content

As I said, there are thirteen videos, the main book, three additional bonus books and an interview.

The content is very informative and straight to the point. Let’s briefly go through some of the types of messages and phrases that you will learn to use and send in order to make a man instantly obsess over you.

The first part of the book is an introduction; Here you will learn information about Amy North and the chapters about sending text messages in general: Why you have been having trouble getting men interested or staying interested in you, the most common texting mistakes women are making, and so on.

Later, you will be introduced to the different types of messages, such as;

  • E-Glow texts
  • Satellite texts
  • Crystal Ball texts
  • Ready to Take Off texts
  • Shooting For The Stars texts
  • Game On texts
  • Supanova texts
  • Seduction texts

For example, there are “E-Glow” messages, or, if you want to get your ex back, there are “Satellite” text messages that can make him badly regret leaving you.

The “Crystal Ball” text message will help you to send subliminal messages to him in order to psychologically change his opinions and decisions.

These “Satellite” and “Crystal Ball” text messages are a part of a bigger chapter, called “Ready to Take Off” – they also help with what to send in the early stages of your relationship.

You will get to know a technique of reading between the lines of his messages and figure out what he truly thinks about you.

The “Shooting For The Stars” part is all about the dating phase. This is the time when he is hooked in with you, but there is still a lot more work to do if you want to keep him interested.

You will learn how to use “Game On” and “Supernova” messages to shake him and make him feel those nervous butterfly feelings even when he is not around you. These are not the only ones included in these chapters, of course, there are more.

The last part of the book is dedicated to the relationships in the long run and keeping the energy ablaze. “E-Glow”, “Seduction” texts and other ones are included in this chapter.

Apart from these specialized ones, you will get tips on how to interpret his messages, how to send a proper picture to him to make him dream about you at night, or how to make him reply to everything you say to him.

If your relationship has become stale and boring, you have special phrases which can re-light the flame once again. There are also phrases to help you to get him to propose or make him miss you.

woman sending naughty text to a guy

Text Chemistry Benefits


The eBook is 100% compatible with all devices and can be viewed on a PC, Mac, Smartphone, iPad or other tablets. Also, it’s available in many formats, such as PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats;

There is no shipping; everything is 100% confidential & anonymous. There is nothing to come to your door because all materials are delivered electronically. Your privacy is respected and there is no need to worry about whether someone will find out that you need help with relationships.

Since everything is online, you get immediate access to all the materials available.

When you buy Text Chemistry, you get bonus materials, E-books called “Phone Game”, “Why Men Leave”, and “Quality Men on Tinder”. They are completely free and each contains about 30-40 pages. You also get an unadvertised bonus, which is an audio interview.

To ensure your trust, you are offered a refund of the full purchase price if you decide this guide isn’t for you. You get a 60-day guarantee. You just need to send an email to request it.

It’s affordable for anyone. It’s much less expensive than other programs. It’s really worth the money.

a guy reading a flirtatious text message on his cell phone


Due to the privacy policy, you will have to print the book if you want a hard copy.

Also, a good internet connection and access to the internet could be helpful as well, since this guide is only in digital form. So, if you have all-day access to the internet, you won’t have any problems whatsoever.

If you are impatient, you can be disappointed. Remember that this is not a pile of magic tricks that can rejuvenate your man with a whoosh. just a bit of your patience is needed for you to see the incredible and life-changing results.

Some people say it’s not ethical, and it is a way of manipulation. As the techniques are so powerful, it is too easy for a woman to manipulate a man into feelings of strong attraction.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this product gets a thumbs up! While it is not for everyone, hundreds of women have found it to be the missing piece to attracting a guy and getting him to commit.

I can only share the information from my point of view, and the only way to know whether this will work for you is to try it. Fortunately, the 60-day money back guarantee allows women to try the product risk-free to see if it is right for them.

Of course, you will need to be patient at first while you become skilled in sending effective text messages that communicate to a man’s inner desires.

Don’t forget that all men are different and that you need time to learn everything that this guide offers. Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say. But once you “build it”, any man will come to you.

Imagine finally being happy with a true sense of fulfilment in your love life. Sounds great, doesn’t it? With expert help from coach Amy North, this can be a possibility.

The author is a famous relationship coach. Unlike authors of other products, she really is an expert. Therefore, you have the piece of mind that you are learning good information that can really help to improve your love life.

Give it a try to see if it is for you. With the 60-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

I hope this Text Chemistry review has been helpful to you, and that I helped you to decide whether to buy Text Chemistry, for all your own reasons.

The Text Chemistry package

Finally The Truth – Why Men Lie & Cheat, & How You Can Get Your Power Back

a man lying to his girlfriendHave you ever found yourself asking questions like, “why do men lie?” “why does he seem to always look at other women?” “Why has he cheated on me yet again..?!” “Is there fundamentally something wrong with men?” “Is there something fundamentally wrong with me..?”

These are some of the questions that world renowned relationship expert, Michael Fiore has been asked countless times by thousands of women desperate to know the answers. You, like me, may find that you relate to one or more of these questions.

Maybe you also have other questions yourself about men, the things they do, what they are really thinking and what they really want. It can be so frustrating when, as women, we give all we have to our relationship only to find that we have been lied to yet again, or worse…

Fortunately, I can tell you that there are answers (quite shocking answers actually) to these questions and many more similar questions that women have about men. Reassuringly, the answers are not likely to be what you think and fundamentally come down to a simple misunderstanding of women simply not being able to read and understand men.

Don’t feel hard on yourself, it’s not your fault. It’s a well-known fact that women and men think and act in very different ways. In fact, guys have the same problem when it comes to women, some might say worse when it comes to them trying to understand us!

So, how do I know all this and how am I so confident that it all comes down to basically, a lack of understanding of the deep wants, needs and thinking patterns of men? Because all this became revealed when highly sought after relationship expert, Michael Fiore stumbled upon the answers when he sent an email to his client base.

The Secret Survey – Our Review

Michael sent questionnaires to 4,000 men and women. He asked the women, “If you had telepathy and could read any man’s mind, what’s the one thing you would desperately want to know?” and to the guys, he asked, “What’s the one thing you desperately wish women understood about men but could never tell her?”

The answers to these two questions from thousands of men and women changed everything. Michael spent days going through the answers to his survey and decided to put his research together in a step-by-step program designed to help women not only understand men but to enable them to be able to read a guy like an open book. Michael’s goal is to empower women with the correct knowledge and understanding to enable them to have deep, meaningful relationships without the guy ever feeling the need to cheat or lie to her again.

Michael calls his course the Secret Survey and is an eight-step program that reveals exactly why men lie to the women that they love.

What’s in the Secret Survey Course?

Micheal Fiore’s Secret Survey course is an eight-step program that he has made available in video, audio and PDF format to make it as easy as possible for women to absorb, retain anThe Secret Survey about why men cheat course by Michael Fiored apply the information. Here’s an overview of the eight sections:

Section 1: Men Are Like Dogs And You’re A Bad Owner

In this first section, Micheal explains exactly why men are so difficult to understand. He explains how you should really be treating them and also discusses a concept called projective empathy, which is basically the ability to interpret exactly what is happening in the mind of a guy, even when he’s not entirely sure himself.

Section 2: Why Men Lie To The Women They Love

Women find it so confusing when the man who is supposed to love them is actually also often lying to them. In this section, Michael explains exactly why guys do this or feel they need to lie to their woman. Michael shares tricks and techniques that you can easily use to get him to start opening up to you about his true feelings so you can start to understand him better.

Section 3: Why Doesn’t He Compliment Me Anymore?

This is an oh so common complaint. Has this also happened to you? Has this left you wondering what could have possibly changed and if he still really has feelings for you at all. If so, then this section will answer all of your questions. Besides compliments, this section also covers how to create healthy and honest communication between you and your man and how to build a relationship with honesty.

Section 4: Does He Really Love Me?

In this section, Micheal discusses the topic of love and helps you get to the bottom of how he really feels about you. Micheal also gives you ways to find out what he says about you to other people when you’re not present.

Section 5: Other Women

Have you ever wondered why your man can’t just have eyes for you only? If you’ve often caught him looking at other women then this section will explain exactly why he does this, what he’s thinking when he’s doing it and how you can get the attention back all for yourself.

Want to watch a video of Michael explaining how he got the answers to all the questions that women desperately want to know, directly from his male client base? Click the video below.

Michael Fiore in the Secret Survey video

Section 6: The Truth About Cheating

In section six of the Secret Survey, Micheal talks in detail about cheating and the real reasons behind why men do this even when they love their woman. Michael then goes on to tell you how you can build a cheat-proof relationship so you can move forward knowing that you’ll likely never have a guy cheating on you again.

Section 7: Reflected Glory

In the Secret Survey, the term ‘reflected glory’ refers to the aspect of men that feel they want certain physical characteristics in a woman in order to show off to other people that they are with someone attractive. Michael here explains how you can know what he is really thinking of you and how significant your appearance really is to him.

Section 8: What He Really Wants In Bed

As a woman, we all want to be able to please and satisfy our man in bed. Being able to do so well will also help to make it less likely that he will cheat. In this section, Michael exposes the truth to exactly what men want in bed and how we can give it to them in a way that always keeps them coming back to us for more.

Secret Survey – Designed For Your Success

Michael Fiore has put the Secret Survey course together for you in a way that is designed to help you get the most out of it and really learn all the secrets about men that will enable you to be able to form a deep, loving connection with him that is both rewarding and fulfilling for both you and your man. As such, Michael has broken down each of the eight sections into videos each with two-four exercises for you to complete so you can really get the understandings of the course.

Bonus Material

Secret Survey by itself is a game-changer. However, Michael has also teamed up with other well-known relationship experts to offer you some great bonus material from experts such as Matthew Hussey, Eric Candal, Michael Griswold and Joshua Pellicer, to name but a few. The interviews with these experts cover topics such as how to become a strong, confident woman, how to always tell when someone is lying and more.

When you join the Secret Survey program you will receive an email from Michael giving you unlimited access to the member’s area. However, it is very important to go through the course step-by-step and do the exercises as Michael shows. For this reason, you will first have access to the first section on Men Are Like Dogs And You’re A Bad Owner.

Once you have watched this video and completed the exercise you will then be ready for the next section. So you can expect the other videos and sections to be made available to you every few days in order to give you enough time to spend on each module.

After the first month, you will have received all the videos. Michael wants to ensure that you get the most out of the training and finish the course with a newfound understanding of men, how they think and exactly what you need to do to have a successful, fulfilling relationship.

Secret Survey Advantages

  • The course has been created and presented by a world-renowned and very respected relationship coach. Michael has helped thousands of people improve areas of their relationship.
  • The Secret Survey is based on real answers collected from real people about their deepest wants, needs and desires.
  • The course is offered with a 60-day full money back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to go through the course to see if it works for you, risk-free.
  • The course has real insights into men’s behaviour and allows women to peer into the minds of men.
  • The videos are funny, entertaining and well presented so are enjoyable to watch.
  • The course is a well thought out and easy to follow, step-by-step guide.

Secret Survey Disadvantages

  • You cannot access the whole content all at once. You will be drip fed the material over the first month to ensure you follow along step-by-step
  • Some of the concepts can be hard to accept as the course also requires you to look at your own behaviour in the relationship

Our Conclusion of the Secret Survey

Overall, we were very impressed with the Secret Survey course. It is well thought out, thorough, entertaining and most importantly, extremely effective. The course is based on real information from real clients surveyed and then analysed by a renowned relationship expert. The 60-day full money back guarantee also means that a person can try the course risk-free.

To watch Michael’s introduction video for the Secret Survey and watch him explaining the course to you himself, click the video below.

Michael Fiore in the Secret Survey video

Girl Gets Ring Review

Hi everybody so I recently just finished reading this book.
It’s called Girl Gets Ring it’s about going from single
to being engaged and the phases in between and all that.
So I actually wrote out a list of what I needed to talk about.

Because there’s so many details in this book and I wanted to make sure I got everything in.

So yeah, I just wanted to give a quick review. I’m going to jump right in.

First of all the authors Jonathan and T Dub. Amazing job!

They co wrote the book. Jonathan’s stuff is in black ink.
and T Dub’s stuff is in blue.

The way they write together is just beautiful.

It flows so well.

I didn’t feel like it was choppy at all. It was great writing.

So there are six phases from going from single to engaged.

And phase one is of course single-dom. That is basically being single. Finding out who you are, what you want, what are your dreams, your aspirations.

I love the way they use storytelling in this book. It talked about the incomplete Irene, and how she looked for love in other people, and she was never happy.

Then it talked about the complete Cathy, who found love in herself. In her dreams. In her journey. So I thought that was really cool.

Also, something else that was really cool.  It happens all throughout the book. After each section, there’s homework.

You can answer the questions or read the kind of exercises they give you. It really helps you kind of evaluate yourself and what you want. What you need to do next. That’s phase one.

Phase two is looking for love.

The main thing that stuck out in this phase for me was the jerk proof jacket. How to decide which guy to pick. How to cypher through all the jerks. And all the bad guys. I just thought that was great.

Later on in the phases it talks about attraction and looks, and what guys look for and everything. I thought that was pretty great.

It also talked about man repellents. I thought that was great. There’s some things that I do, that I didn’t know it was a man repellent. That was pretty awesome. That’s phase two.

So phase three is the first contact. You’re single, you’re looking and now there’s first contact with someone.

I really liked how they talked about the core elements of attraction and making it last. They talked about how men are attracted to women with passion, with strength, and self confidence.

Honestly. And that’s something I’ve always struggled with. I really enjoyed reading about that and I really, everything they said just really rung true to me.

If you are self confident and you have all this passion. And strength to you, men are going to want to be around that.

It makes total sense. Phase three is really about picking the right guy.

So phase four.

After first contact, now you’re at phase four, it’s dating.

This was really helpful. It talked about the first dates. And what to do, what not to do.

Kind of how to help out the situation if it gets awkward. It talked about what men find attractive, what they find sexy, and one of the things I loved about it, is they talked about intelligence being sexy.

Because it is, honestly. I believe it for sure. Especially in this day and age.

Being educated and being intelligent is attractive.

People want to be around other people like that. I thought that was great.

It talked about how to keep him dating you. Of course it talked about the big one. Sex. Because dating and sex, you know that kind of goes hand and hand. So it talked about that in phase four.

So then we get to phase five.

And that is becoming the girl friend. Basically it’s the guy, I loved how it talked about how you can’t change him.

I am in a long-term relationship right now. And, I kind of nag a lot sometimes. I’m trying to stop, I really am. And I’ll try to convince my boyfriend to think exactly like I do to change his ways and think like me.

It kind of put me in check because it was talking about how you can’t change him. So that was really cool to read about.

It also talked about communication. Any relationship, no matter how attracted you are to each other, Or how much you have in common If you do not communicate

It’s going to fall apart eventually So that was great reading about the communication. I saw ways that I could improve communication with my boyfriend.

That was phase five.

Now we have phase six. Which is the big one…
going from the girlfriend, to the fiancee – getting the ring.

It talked about space. That was hard for me to read about because I’m so bad at it.

I’ve read the other books that they have in Meet Your Sweet, and they always talk about giving the guy space.

I’m just like, I’m not good at it. I am working on it, and it makes sense really why they need space.

Anyway it talked about how to get him to listen.

And using your “kiss”. Not just your smooch smooch, kiss.

I’m talking about your K I S S.

I don’t want to give it away, but it was really cool how they used that to help you out.

It talked about accepting him and letting him know you accept him.

And ultimately getting the ring.

That’s the whole process of this book Girl Gets ring anyways.

So those are the six phases. Something else that was so amazing.

Was at the end, they have all of these extras. I mean so much bonus material.

And I can’t really mention all of them because there’s so much, but a couple that I liked was the nature of nagging. Which for obvious reasons, what I talked about earlier I’m trying to improve on that.
And then loss of passion. Because I am in a long-term relationship and I just really feel like I needed to read that and to kind of work on that. Those are the six phases and the extras.

Girl Gets Ring is and amazing book.

Even if you’re single, or you’re dating if you’re engaged I feel like this is a book for everyone. So I would recommend it to everyone. Alright, that’s all I have to say so thanks for watching.

Manfiest Your Ex Back Review

Manifest Your Ex Back BookIf you’ve recently suffered from a bad breakup, you might feel like there’s nowhere to turn. It’s easy to want to curl up under the covers and refuse to come out. Even if you’re the one that ended the relationship, it can be extremely hard to separate from the one you’ve spent so much time with. As the days pass on, you might realize you’ve made a huge mistake and you might be aching to get your ex back.

If this sounds like your situation, you can take heart that there is something that can help. Recently, I came across a great book from relationship expert, Amanda Walters. The book called Manfiest Your Ex Back contained a manifestation technique that can help you channel the universe to get your ex back without even being near them.

Though it may sound like hocus pocus, the book is founded on the principle of the Law of Attraction, which is a well-known principle throughout many different religions and schools of thought.

The Law of Attraction states that like energy attracts like energy, meaning if you send positivity out into the universe, you get back positive results.

The same is true for negative energy.

If you’re sending out bad vibes into the universe, you’re going to get back bad results.

==> Learn to find yourself

In Manfiest Your Ex Back, Walters gives you tried and true methods for harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction to get your ex to come back to you. You’ll start by figuring out what it means to find your true self and what you truly want. By finding this power, you’ll instantly become more attractive to members of the opposite sex and you’ll also be on the road to finding your higher calling. Walters teaches you how to find the joy again in your friendships, hobbies and everyday activities. It’s the first step to getting your love life back on track.

==> Control your thoughts and feelings

Of all the thoughts you have each day, you’ll learn how to make them positive. By focusing your attention on positive thoughts, you instantly attract the good in the universe to you. You’ll also learn techniques for keeping your feelings and negative emotions in check. In the book, there is an actual journaling activity, known as heart-storming that allows you to analyze and understand your daily thought processes. You’ll also learn how to decode the inner workings of your brain stemming from childhood and beyond so that you can understand how your patterns affected your relationship. Once uncovered, you can begin to reprogram your brain.

The Master Plan

Once you’ve learned the techniques of visualization that help you uncover your true self, you’ll start on the journey to getting your ex back. There are even daily exercises and weekly focus activities to help you stay on a positive track. Now you’re ready and prepared to get your ex back! The book then gives you a detailed guide about what to do if he calls or texts (and he surely will!) or what you should call and text to start your relationship again. There’s even sound advice for your first date night, first kiss and first night together.

Really, it’s like having a best friend there to tell you, “No, don’t say that! Say this!”

The advice found in Manfiest Your Ex Back is concrete and can really work. Following the steps will help shift the power in the relationship from him to you. If you are serious about getting your ex back, then Walter’s book is the only guide you’ll need. Taking the high road to your relationship woes will make you come out stronger and more confident. And who wouldn’t be attracted to that? It’s a game-changer for your romantic life.

His Secret Obsession review by James Bauer

His Secret Obsession book cover by James BauerHis Secret Obsession. What is it and how will understanding it help you make him love you forever? Here at the American Dating Society, we are proud to be among the first to review this long awaited course, His Secret Obsession by James Bauer. This book is said to be the never released before, step-by-step obsession formula that exposes all the secrets behind mens true desires.

As controversial as this sounds, this book is said to contain a highly powerful method that pulls back the curtain to reveal exactly what lies deep within a mans mind. You’ll learn exactly what it is that makes guys tick and gain an understanding of the male mind that most women would not even think was possible.

The author claims that with the secrets revealed in this course you will be able to;

  • Discover the secret longing of every man
  • Learn about his deepest, darkest desires
  • Be able to trigger fascination in a man at will
  • Gain a true understanding of what makes happy relationships
  • How to become his secret obsession
  • and much more…


Unraveling His Hero Instinct In His Secret Obsession

According to James Bauer, every man has something called a Hero Instinct. It’s part of a man’s biological drive.

You might think of it like hunger or thirst…

But this Hero Instinct is important when it comes to attracting and keeping a man.

The woman he loves will need to bring out his Hero Instinct, or he will look for someone else to bring it out for him.

Up until now, this dynamic between men and women has been based on the off chance that a woman is triggering this instinct in the man she is with.

You might say that it’s been invisible to some women.

Women who (without this) have lost and had trouble keeping men.

This Hero Instinct is why.

Will His Secret Obsession Help Transform The Way Men Experience You?

If you are looking for a lifetime of warmth, companionship, and love then I recommend you take a look at what James Bauer is revealing here.

While reviewing this book and audio, I also came across the…

His Secret Obsession: Secret Obsession Text Message Formulas

I was expecting to see mere scripts of what to send ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends.

Instead, what I found was an actual Text Messaging Strategy. You can use this to understand how to choose what text message to send and where to start based on your specific situation with your ex.

The most interesting part of this portion, was the Text Message Magic formula. This part has to do with four words you can use to grab his attention, no matter how distant he may seem to you now.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to share everything, but I will give you a preview of what the author shared.

The first two words to text are,

“I NEED ____ ____”

…followed by two more words that will cause his Hero Instinct to kick-in. And next he will reply to your texts.

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