What Makes a Man Fall In Love? The Things You Need To Know

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portrait of a beautiful couple in loveAs much as we like to talk about equality, the average man and the average woman are very different in how they think, what they want out of life, and what attracts them to the opposite sex.

Furthermore, there will be differences from guy to guy, as there are with women, so trying to understand what makes a man fall in love is not easy, for the most part.

As much as the media suggests that it’s about the right perfume, the right clothes, or even the right body shape, the truth is that men fall in love with women based on the connection they feel to them, the degree of attraction the woman can evoke in him and the collective qualities in the woman that the man perceives as being highly desirable traits.

All that aside, researchers have discovered that there are universally common traits that make a guy become attracted and fall in love with a woman.

Have you ever seen a really great guy with a woman, but the guy seems way out of her league? But for some strange reason, the guy is really into her?

Interestingly enough, these traits mainly comes down to how a woman is able to trigger the feeling states and emotions in a man, primarily through her behaviors and what she says to him.

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What Makes a Man Fall In Love – The 6 Ingredients

Making a Connection

Both partners in a romantic engagement want to feel connected and experience an attraction to their partner. Men also often like to know that they are making the woman in their life happy.

A woman who focuses on making a man happy, above showing how the man makes HER happy, could just end up driving him away.

That doesn’t mean that you should stop doing nice things for the man in your life – of course; those things are appreciated – but to build love and attraction you need to show that it’s a two-way street.

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Let Him Be a Hero

The old saying about every successful man having a supportive woman behind them exists for a reason. A man will fall in love with you if they feel like you can help them be a superhero. This doesn’t mean that he wants you to knit him a superhero outfit and allow him to wear his underpants on the outside of his trousers.

Most men have ambitions in life that are vital to them, so by being supportive and helping him to achieve success in the areas of his life that he holds dear will cause him to value your presence in his life greatly.

Offer support and encouragement, and take the time to understand what makes a him tick will make him feel valued and appreciated. This is one of the most importnat steps when learning how to make a man fall in love with you. If you do this right your relationship will thrive.

Be Ready to Let Him In

The average guy won’t go around writing love poems or giving you flowers for no particular reason, but that doesn’t mean they are not capable of loving.

They just use a different love language. Men, just like women, are always subconsciously paying attention to the signals people give off. Are you confident? Do you put a value on yourself? Do you have self-respect, as well as respect for others?

You need to love yourself and also show to others that you believe that you are worthy of being loved. Otherwise, you will not get love from them.

Learn to give off the right signals to a guy that not only demonstrate your self-worth and self-respect, but also strongly lets him know that you are a person who is truly worth being with. Click here now to learn how to do this effectively.

Beyond the Superficial

Looks will get you a first date, and your outward ‘best presentation’ self will usually get you a second date, but falling in love won’t happen until a man gets to experience all the awesome qualities about you.

Once he sees that even when you aren’t on your ‘best behaviour’ you are kind, loyal, fun and caring, he will start to feel a greater pull towards you. One day he will wake up and realise that he is starting to feel more than just attraction towards you.

A Zest for Life

The high maintenance supermodels might be the women that initially gets the most attention when guys are playing the field, but the woman that a man will marry is someone that they can envisage spending the rest of their lives with.

A woman that is adventurous enough to try new things, that will be their rock when things go wrong, and will stand by them at all times is a woman that most men will prize very highly.

Anyone can be fun and exciting when they’re dressed up and off on an expensive date, but when it comes to the mundane parts of life, how much fun are you to be around and how do you react when the going gets tough?

Space and Freedom

On average, it takes longer for a man to fall in love than it does for a woman to reach the same conclusion, and this is why a lot of relationships tend to fall apart.

During the early stages of dating, and even later in the relationship, it’s important to give a man space. Let them show that they are committed to you in their way, when they are ready. Enjoy the time you spend with them, but let them have their own time too.

Men value their freedom, and they often want time to do their own thing. Allow them their space, and they’ll value you more than they would if you tried to smother them and get them to commit.

Final Thoughts

Love is a strange thing, and every man is different. Being yourself and valuing who you are as a person is an essential foundation to have.

Building your relationship on a loving connection of trust, mutual respect and understanding will stand you in good stead for the long run and eventually may lead to getting your boyfriend to propose marriage to you.

If you are then able to combine this with being able to make him feel strong feelings of desire for you and see you as a highly valued person in his life then you are sure to win your prize. Click here now to learn exactly how to do it.

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