How To Tell If You’re Really In Love With a Guy

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Last Updated on June 24, 2021

two people in love looking into each others eyesFalling in love is a beautiful experience. Throughout life, we go through multiple heartaches, disappointments, and confusing circumstances when it comes to romance, but falling in love makes all of those questionable, unpleasant experiences feel worth it.

Love can be easily confused with lust. Lust is when you are excited about the prospect of a person and you feel like you can’t stand to be away from them.

Love, on the other hand, has elements of that feeling, yet there are more specific feelings we have when we are in love.

The Telltale Signs You’re In Love With Him

Love is easy

Lust often has complications tied to it – you live far away, or it’s extremely passionate, but complicated because other people are somehow involved, or it’s secretive but fiery.

Love is not those things. Love is easy.

You do not have to wonder about how the other person feels for you and your feelings toward them are not complicated. It feels effortless. Over the course of time, “I” progresses into “we” and it feels non-threatening. It feels like this is the way it’s supposed to be.

They’re always on your mind

They are the first person you think of in the morning and the last you think of at night. You think of them all day throughout your day. You wonder what they’re doing, how their day is going. You consider them when navigating your own social endeavours. You consider their feelings even when they’re not around.

If they are always on your mind, it could just be lust, but if it lasts over a longer period of time, it looks like it probably loves.

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You always want them to be part of what you’re doing

They enhance everything you do and make every experience funnier, brighter, and sweeter. You don’t care what you’re doing as long as they are part of it. You want to include them in on most of the things you do, yet you never feel pressured to include them. It’s a true desire for them to be there.

Sometimes you even feel like an experience is missing a small element due to their absence. However, if you always want to be part of each other’s plans and don’t allow for space or understanding of separate time, it could just be lust.

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You have a healthy balance

Despite the fact that you always want to be with them and that you always want them to be included in on everything you do, you both have a happy balance of maintaining your lives, especially your social lives.

You still value the importance of quality time with friends, without your significant other and you do not sacrifice your friendships in lieu of wanting to selfishly be with your boo.

You find a happy balance of these situations. When you find a happy balance of quality time, then it’s probably love.

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two lovers laying on the floor looking at each other

You want them to be happy and comfortable

If you are suddenly finding yourself considering their feelings with almost everything you do, going out of your way to make them feel comfortable (getting up early to make their coffee, going to the store on your lunch break to get the ingredients for their favorite meal, picking them up from the airport when it isn’t convenient for you etc.) you are in love.

It’s a true sign of love when you do things for another person for the sole purpose of knowing that it will make them happy.

It may not be convenient, or you may have to compromise something of yours, but you do it anyway because their happiness is important to you. When someone else’s happiness is just as important to you as your own, you’re in love.

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You are open to new experiences

Remember when you said you would never be a runner? Or you would never shoot a gun? What about when you thought you’d never eat steak?

Now that your new boo loves all of these things you’re finding that you’re more open to them too. You’re willing to expand your horizons beyond your comfort zone to try new things just because your partner is into them.

Pretty soon you start to synchronize everything. You start using the same catchphrases, sharing the same lingo, ordering the same food, becoming interested in the same shows and hobbies, and even dressing alike.

Studies of people in love find that over the course of time you become so synchronized that you actually start to resemble each other physically. So next time you and your boo match for a date unintentionally it might be a sign that you’re in love.

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You know you can trust him

Trust is an extremely vulnerable feeling because many of us have experienced situations where our trust had been compromised.

When you are in love with the right person you still may experience thoughts of doubt that creep in from time to time, but overall your gut tells you that you truly can trust him.

You just know in your soul that he would never do anything to jeopardize your relationship. This is a feeling that you truly can only experience when you are actually in love because when you are truly in love you are safe.

You feel better when you’re around him

Whether you had a stressful day at work or you have the flu, he somehow makes it all better. He helps you to relax, takes care of you, and loves you – boogery tissues and all.

Overall, if your relationship has a healthy balance, you feel that you can both completely be yourselves, and you both enhance and improve each other’s lives while feeling crazy about each other, but not actually acting crazy, you’re likely in love.

Enjoy this time and focus on gratitude to help these happy feelings stay with you for a lifetime!

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