5 Situations Where You Need to Give Him Space To Make Him Miss You

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Last Updated on June 22, 2021

a womain thinking about her exGiving a guy space is essential when you are in any kind of situation, relationship or even friendship.

In fact, being unable to give any human being space whether it’s a friendship or relationship is crucial to it being successful.

I want to discuss some common situations where it’s crucial to give a man space or risk something going wrong in your relationship (or budding relationship).

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#1: He’s not talking much, and you’re doing all the talking while he pretends to listen

If you find yourself constantly talking to him as if you have to keep the spark and momentum of the dynamic, you might want to think about what you are really doing.

Are you accomplishing anything by going out of your way to continue the conversation endlessly? The short answer is: no.

Being fixated on pleasing a man and becoming anxious about how to make sure the conversation continues endlessly will make him less likely to want to be around you.

Let him talk, and if he does not have anything to say, my best advice is to simply back off and give him space. This gives him room to regroup in general, and it gives you necessary space to miss each other and have new things to discuss next time you see him.

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#2: He doesn’t listen to what you have to say and doesn’t remember what you say

Do you talk and feel you are not really heard? Do you feel like you make an effort to be clear with him and yet nothing you say is important to him?

This means that either you are over analyzing the situation or that he really does not listen to important things you say. It is best to step back and try to apply the logic of “if he isn’t listening why should I keep talking?”

Spend time talking to someone who likes to listen to a friend or a colleague. Note I’m not advocating cheating but rather a friendly conversation.

#3: You are arguing a lot

Your days look like a bunch of fighting and screaming rather than helpful, loving words said to each other in support of one another’s life goals.

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#4: You are getting along, but it feels kind of stale

Do things feel a bit “boring?” Not in the typical “we are used to each other” boring but rather… you are not really connecting anymore and don’t know how to fix it? If you are bored of each other giving each other the room to miss one another will possibly reignite that lost spark.

#5: He Is ANGRY

Let me clarify what I mean. He is angry about something that has nothing to do with you. He’s simply furious at the world and something going on in it. If you try to talk to him at the height of his rage, he will say things he doesn’t mean. You will get hurt. He will feel you’re adding drama to his life. It will unnecessarily spiral of control into an argument that could have been avoided.

There you go…

These are obviously not the only situations where you need to give a guy space to make him miss you. There are countless situations where you have to think about ejecting yourself from a situation rather than jumping right into the fire.

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