How To Be More Attractive To Guys | 8 Things You Can Do Now

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Last Updated on June 22, 2021

two attractive women talking to two menLearning how to become more attractive to men is something that pretty much every woman can do, to a greater or lesser degree. With a few simple changes to how you interact with guys can really make a big difference.

Many people confuse physical beauty with attractiveness. Although they are often somewhat related, they are actually two different things.

Physical beauty is as straightforward as it sounds; you are either born with a great bone structure and symmetrical attributes or not.

There are of course some things we can do to make ourselves more physically appealing to the opposite sex. For example getting in shape, making sure we are well-groomed, taking care of our skin and so forth. However, improving one’s physical appearance is somewhat limited.

If you are feeling that your physical gifts are lacking compared to other women, don’t be disheartened.

Attractiveness isn’t just about physical beauty. We can, of course, be attracted to how a person looks, however, people are usually more drawn to qualities and characteristics.

Attractiveness, on the other hand, is something rather different. Attractiveness is how much other people are drawn to you, and there is virtually no limit to the extent in which a person can work on this aspect of themselves.

Attraction comes down to how you are perceived by others. There are general traits and characteristics that people pick up on psychologically, often without even being aware as to why they feel an attraction to a person.

8 Things To Improve Your Attractiveness To Guys

Be passionate

Being passionate is a very attractive quality in both sexes. Being passionate about something shows that you have depth of character and interests that go beyond the norm. Being passionate about something often gets a person wanting to know more about what makes you tick.

When a member of the opposite sex see’s you have a passion that drives you, they may start to wonder if your passion extends to the bedroom.

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Don’t be boring

No one likes to be bored during a conversation so ensure you do not fall into this trap and run the risk of guys labelling you as a bore.

As crass as it may sound, everyone’s favourite subject (almost everyone) is, themselves. If you can turn the conversation around and ask questions about what interests them then, you will on the right path.

If you’re having trouble getting anything out of them then having a few topics up your sleeve that you know are commonly perceived topics of interest can always be a good fall-back. For example, this very subject of attraction is generally of interest to most people.

If you know something about it that perhaps they don’t, then it could stimulate an interesting conversation between the two of you. Just don’t come across as a ‘know it all’.

Be a good listener

Being a good listener is a great gift. Being able to listen well shows the other person that you are not self-obsessed. It also shows you have a caring quality about you, and you take an interest in other people. However, more importantly that all of this, it also gives you the opportunity to listen to all kinds of important information a person may be telling you about themselves.

Being a good listener will also give the other person space to talk about their favourite subject, themselves! Allowing them the space to do so will help them to feel a sense of connection with you, no matter how small it may be at first.

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Be intriguing

a woman and a man flirtingBeing open and friendly but also having a degree of mystery about you is also an attractive quality. Being intriguing doesn’t mean being interesting. Being interesting is generally when a person has something interesting to say. However, when the conversation finishes, as stimulating as it might have been, if there is nothing between you then the guy will probably not be thinking much else.

Being intriguing on the other hand is when you get the guy to think and wonder about you. This effect is much longer lasting and can often cause him to think about you when you’re not around.

Be happy

Being happy and upbeat person is a commonly accepted trait of attractiveness for both men and women. You don’t need to be annoyingly happy all the time. However, grumpy women are a big turn off for most men.

Have a positive outlook on life

Looking on the bright side of things and finding the good in all situations is also an attractive trait to possess.

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Deal with your shit and leave it at home

We all have problems in our lives that we have to deal with. However, the last thing you want to do is bring them up with people that you are getting to know. Leave those conversations for the people who know you best.

Do not be needy

Neediness is a huge turn-off for both men and women. A person can be needy in many different ways so check in with yourself to make sure that you are not coming across as an insecure attention-seeker.

We are just scratching the surface of attraction here. For more in-depth secrets of attraction and to learn about what men really want in a woman, click one of the links below to discover more.

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