7 Signs He Wants To Marry You (And Is Ready!)

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Last Updated on June 22, 2021

a man with a wedding ring behind his backIf you’ve been in a relationship for a while and you’re looking for the signs he wants to marry you, it can drive you crazy trying to figure out if and when he is going to pop the question.

But how do you know when he is seriously considering marrying you? And also just as important, what signs tell you that he’s ready?

If you feel you need some help to actually get your guy to do the deed then check out our article all about getting your boyfriend to propose.

Read on to learn the seven best signs that this relationship really is going somewhere.

Signs He Is Ready To Get Married

1: He & You Become “We”

How he talks can be a big giveaway to how he is feeling. If he starts referring to the two of you as ‘we’ then is a great sign that he is thinking of the two of you as a solid couple and may have even started to see himself marrying you (and may have even begun to seriously think about it).

If you notice he is talking more about “we” in the future as opposed to him, especially if he’s bringing you into his future plans for trips or adventures, he had planned before meeting you then he’s definitely keen.

Most men have a short bucket list of events that they really want to achieve from an early age. If “I’ve always wanted to visit Vegas” or “I’ve always wanted to hike the Pacific Crest Trail” becomes wanting to go to Las Vegas with you or feeling out whether or not you would go with him on his dream hiking adventure, then you know he’s looking at his future life with you in it.

If your man is taking his time popping the question or you know he needs a nudge in the right direction, but you’re scared to mess things up or frighten him off the whole idea then be careful what you do next. Discover exactly how to get him to propose to you without coming across as pushy or needy, but instead make him think it’s all his idea with these simple tricks.

2: You’re Wanted & Expected At Family Functions

Most guys are pretty picky about who they bring to family gatherings. If you end up at one picnic or get-together, don’t read too much into it, but if you’re going to birthdays, family reunions, family dinners, that is a huge sign that he sees you as belonging to his family. This can be blood family, friends who are like family, or both.

Some women think that men generally can be a little bit closed emotionally. However, most guys are very protective of those they consider family, and if you’re getting the green light to be a part of that, then you’re definitely being scoped out as potential marriage material.

If it is the first time that you are being invited to such an occasion, then it is highly likely that he will be judging his friends and family members reactions to you. This can be a little intimidating, but don’t worry, just be yourself and do everything you can to come across as warm, friendly and fun to be around.

If he sees that his dear ones are also warming to you, then you will certainly be viewed more favourably in his eyes and it will help to confirm to him that you may be the one.

Once a guy gets the feeling that you are okay by his friends and family he will often open up more emotionally to you and can find himself falling in love with you more easily.

couple-baby-shoe3: He Mentions Kids

Guys don’t joke about having kids. Even if they mention it in passing or in a joking way. That means they’ve actually thought about it. If they mention wanting to be a father, having kids, or anything about how you’d make a great mother, then you’re on the fast track to an engagement proposal.

To have children is extremely serious business and not something that guys take lightly at all. If he is mentioning it in any way, shape, or form, then he’s gauging you as wife and mother material in a very serious way.

4: Subtle & Consistent Changes In Touch

Hugs, kisses, cuddling and hand holding, are all obvious. But does he seem more affectionate than perhaps he once did in the early stages of your relationship? When he hugs or touches you, do you feel emotional content in what he is doing?

Being more affectionate, considerate and caring with you are all good signs that he feels a deeper closeness to you and is considering you as someone more special than just some girl he’s seeing.

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5: Serious “Couple” Commitments

If he’s pushing to make more couple commitments, that’s a good sign he could be gearing up to propose. While not all couple commitments are the same, getting a series of them in a short time period can be a good sign.

Couple commitments can include:

  • Moving in together
  • Getting a pet together
  • Paying bills together
  • Sharing a bank account
  • Having important conversations like moving to a new location for one of your careers

When it comes to career moves, if he’s willing to move from where he currently is to be with you for the benefit of your career then this is a definite sign of his seriousness about you.

6: Hanging Out With Married Friends

If he wants the two of you to hang out with his married friends, for example hanging out at home for dinner and cards instead of going out clubbing.

When a guy wants to spend more time with married friends, it shows a slowing down from the single life and adopting a more settled lifestyle. If he wants you with him in those get-togethers, he is already (and probably sub-consciously) feeling out life being married to you.

7: He Gets All First Date “Crushy” Again

a guy being romantic with his girlfriendThe beginning of any relationship is generally filled with that giddy excitement, a lot of touchy-feely flirting between the two of you and that certain special bit of energy that can be best described as “school yard crush x 2.”

Then, over time the relationship looks and feels different as it grows in deeper ways. That’s normal, and it’s a sign of maturity and progress.

However, if you notice he suddenly seems giddy again, getting nervous excited or appears to be acting like when you were both dating each other for the first time, there’s a pretty decent chance not only is he thinking about proposing, but he already has the engagement ring picked out and hidden away somewhere.

Try not to read into things too much if you just see one or two of these signs randomly. However, if you’re seeing several of these signs together, then that’s a great sign that wedding bells might be in your not so distant future.

Unfortunately, guys are much more laid back when it comes to marriage than women tend to be. Left to their own devices many guys will literally take years to propose, if at all.

If you don’t want to leave the whole thing to chance and become the last one in your friend group to get married, or worse, risk the years going by year after year with him not even asking you at all, then discover exactly what the mental road blocks are that almost all men have when it comes to marriage and find out how you can quickly and subtly turn it all around so he feels like he can’t be without you and needs you in his life for good.

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