The Secret To Making a Guy Want You Through Text – Text Chemistry Review

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Last Updated on June 22, 2021

The Text Chemistry course by Amy NorthThere is no doubt, we all have problems in relationships from time to time. Someone left us, hurt us or, maybe, just didn’t even notice us…

Nobody wants to go through this again.

However, there indeed are things that could help us not to repeat our mistakes.

Learning from them is important, but what if you gave your best, but every time got a disappointing result? Don’t worry, there are solutions, and I am here to offer one that has helped hundreds of other women just like you and me.

It’s a product created by Amy North. It is called Text Chemistry.

Firstly, I want to inform you that this is only my humble opinion, added to collected opinions of other people who tried it and that if it works for me or someone else, it doesn’t mean that It will work for you as well. It all depends on how you use and implement the material that Amy will teach you.

If you take action as she says then you are far more likely to get the results you are looking for.

When relationships with people are in question, nothing is certain. That is why I think that, because everybody is unique, it’s important to get informed about how relationships work, in any case.

Before any purchase, you should read reviews from others first. I will make sure that, with this review, you get to know everything you need before you decide to buy Text Chemistry, for all your own reasons.

So, my review will contain overall information about the Text Chemistry program, what it contains and why I think it is a good investment. So, what actually is Text Chemistry..?

About Text Chemistry & Creator – Amy North

Text Chemistry logoText chemistry is a 50-thousand-word e-book and guide, created by Amy North, as a solution to get men’s attention through text messaging.

At the core of Amy’s product are simple but powerful “desire” text messages to get a man to fall in love with you and commit.

There is also a thirteen-part ‘live person’ video series and three additional bonus ebooks in PDF format, each thirty to forty pages in length and one audio interview. This audio interview is an unadvertised bonus that is included as a surprise when you buy Text Chemistry.

So, the product is the primary Text Chemistry book with additional videos and extra bonus ebooks about all kinds of problems that can occur in a relationship, and the solutions for them.

One of the main benefits of the videos is that they help to explain some of the core chapters in the book more thoroughly and give more understanding.

By now, you may be wondering what the additional bonuses are about. I will explain them in more detail in this review, so stay with me through this guide.

As mentioned earlier, the creator of this program is Amy North. She is a dating coach and relationship expert for women from Vancouver, Canada. Amy is very popular in her field of work and now a sought after coach.

Text Chemistry is different than other books about dating and is perfect for the modern world of dating. Everybody is using dating apps now, which you cannot learn about from older books.

Dating apps and meeting online: love it or hate it, this is the future of modern dating. There is no doubt about that. This is a core reason why “how” you text someone can play a very important role in your relationship, especially in the early stages.

This program is here to teach you exactly how you should text men in order to get his immediate attention and draw him to you.

It is well known that men and women think very differently when it comes to dating, love and relationships. Couple this with the fact that text messaging is now at the core of all forms of communication and problems can easily arise.

It is ‘especially’ easy to cause misunderstandings or give an unintended impression through your texts. This is mainly because we cannot see the other person, read their body language or feel their emotion.

Have you ever sent a guy a well-meaning text message only to either get a storage reply back from him or worse yet, no reply at all?

It’s likely that you communicated something to him that he either misunderstood or simply turned him off.

This guide can help you to not only keep any man interested in you but also it is aimed to make him become crazy about you.

I am not only talking about men that you are already in a relationship with, although it can help in these cases, too. I am talking about literally any man that you can think of.

If you think it’s impossible, that’s understandable, but a lot of women claim that this guide has helped them in many different ways.

Amy has spent a considerable amount of time researching the nature of peoples’ relationships and this is the ultimate result of her work.

How does Text Chemistry work?

woman reading a dirty text message from her loverAmy’s techniques aim to stimulate a man’s “psychological triggers” by simply writing a few cleverly crafted text messages. Using her course, you will know exactly what to send him. Some women claim that it works even on the most uninterested men.

With these “attention hooks’, you get a man constantly thinking about you. You can even choose what kind of attention you want to acquire. However, it depends on the situation that you are in, of course.

This guide is put together in a simple and concise way, so you will not get lost in the content. I will explain more about the content later in this review, so keep please reading!
I will also explain in a bit more detail how and why Amy’s methods are so effective. It primarily comes down to the psychological strategies used that trigger a man’s desire process for a woman.

What results can Text Chemistry it bring?

This product has the potential to bring men into your life. It can attract new ones, or make the old ones miss you and want to get you back. Or, on the contrary, it can help to re-ignite a burnt-out flame in your existing relationship.

The course is also a time saver when it comes to dating as you won’t need to constantly go out in search of a guy. After all, there are times when we just don’t feel like going out for a guy.

Everything is digital here. With a few simple text messages, he will start to pay more attention to you, and moreover, you will start to be always on his mind.

Not only can this course help you to attract men, but it can also help boost your confidence in the dating scene and in your relationships.

Amy will also teach you about all the different types of men you can interact with. You will learn how to properly talk to each of them.

Text Examples & Content

As I said, there are thirteen videos, the main book, three additional bonus books and an interview.

The content is very informative and straight to the point. Let’s briefly go through some of the types of messages and phrases that you will learn to use and send in order to make a man instantly obsess over you.

The first part of the book is an introduction; Here you will learn information about Amy North and the chapters about sending text messages in general: Why you have been having trouble getting men interested or staying interested in you, the most common texting mistakes women are making, and so on.

Later, you will be introduced to the different types of messages, such as;

  • E-Glow texts
  • Satellite texts
  • Crystal Ball texts
  • Ready to Take Off texts
  • Shooting For The Stars texts
  • Game On texts
  • Supanova texts
  • Seduction texts

For example, there are “E-Glow” messages, or, if you want to get your ex back, there are “Satellite” text messages that can make him badly regret leaving you.

The “Crystal Ball” text message will help you to send subliminal messages to him in order to psychologically change his opinions and decisions.

These “Satellite” and “Crystal Ball” text messages are a part of a bigger chapter, called “Ready to Take Off” – they also help with what to send in the early stages of your relationship.

You will get to know a technique of reading between the lines of his messages and figure out what he truly thinks about you.

The “Shooting For The Stars” part is all about the dating phase. This is the time when he is hooked in with you, but there is still a lot more work to do if you want to keep him interested.

You will learn how to use “Game On” and “Supernova” messages to shake him and make him feel those nervous butterfly feelings even when he is not around you. These are not the only ones included in these chapters, of course, there are more.

The last part of the book is dedicated to the relationships in the long run and keeping the energy ablaze. “E-Glow”, “Seduction” texts and other ones are included in this chapter.

Apart from these specialized ones, you will get tips on how to interpret his messages, how to send a proper picture to him to make him dream about you at night, or how to make him reply to everything you say to him.

If your relationship has become stale and boring, you have special phrases which can re-light the flame once again. There are also phrases to help you to get him to propose or make him miss you.

woman sending naughty text to a guy

Text Chemistry Benefits


The eBook is 100% compatible with all devices and can be viewed on a PC, Mac, Smartphone, iPad or other tablets. Also, it’s available in many formats, such as PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats;

There is no shipping; everything is 100% confidential & anonymous. There is nothing to come to your door because all materials are delivered electronically. Your privacy is respected and there is no need to worry about whether someone will find out that you need help with relationships.

Since everything is online, you get immediate access to all the materials available.

When you buy Text Chemistry, you get bonus materials, E-books called “Phone Game”, “Why Men Leave”, and “Quality Men on Tinder”. They are completely free and each contains about 30-40 pages. You also get an unadvertised bonus, which is an audio interview.

To ensure your trust, you are offered a refund of the full purchase price if you decide this guide isn’t for you. You get a 60-day guarantee. You just need to send an email to request it.

It’s affordable for anyone. It’s much less expensive than other programs. It’s really worth the money.

a guy reading a flirtatious text message on his cell phone


Due to the privacy policy, you will have to print the book if you want a hard copy.

Also, a good internet connection and access to the internet could be helpful as well, since this guide is only in digital form. So, if you have all-day access to the internet, you won’t have any problems whatsoever.

If you are impatient, you can be disappointed. Remember that this is not a pile of magic tricks that can rejuvenate your man with a whoosh. just a bit of your patience is needed for you to see the incredible and life-changing results.

Some people say it’s not ethical, and it is a way of manipulation. As the techniques are so powerful, it is too easy for a woman to manipulate a man into feelings of strong attraction.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this product gets a thumbs up! While it is not for everyone, hundreds of women have found it to be the missing piece to attracting a guy and getting him to commit.

I can only share the information from my point of view, and the only way to know whether this will work for you is to try it. Fortunately, the 60-day money back guarantee allows women to try the product risk-free to see if it is right for them.

Of course, you will need to be patient at first while you become skilled in sending effective text messages that communicate to a man’s inner desires.

Don’t forget that all men are different and that you need time to learn everything that this guide offers. Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say. But once you “build it”, any man will come to you.

Imagine finally being happy with a true sense of fulfilment in your love life. Sounds great, doesn’t it? With expert help from coach Amy North, this can be a possibility.

The author is a famous relationship coach. Unlike authors of other products, she really is an expert. Therefore, you have the piece of mind that you are learning good information that can really help to improve your love life.

Give it a try to see if it is for you. With the 60-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

I hope this Text Chemistry review has been helpful to you, and that I helped you to decide whether to buy Text Chemistry, for all your own reasons.

The Text Chemistry package

Text Chemistry




Easy To Use System






60 Day Money Back Guarantee



  • Includes texts to attract guys
  • Includes texts to get your ex back
  • Includes texts to re-ignite the passion in an existing relationship
  • Makes him think of you when you're not around
  • Gets him to commit


  • Course only available online
  • You need an internet connection to access the product

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