The Strange Thing That Makes Him Adore You

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Last Updated on June 22, 2021

a man kissing his girlfriend on the cheekHas there ever been a time that you were attracted to a man but you didn’t know why?

Maybe you even had some feelings for somebody you actually didn’t want to be attracted to?

Why on earth does this ever happen? How could you fall in love with someone even when your conscious mind actively resists it?

Experiences such as these are hints into the hidden world that drives our feelings of romantic attraction.

This hidden world is one all about emotional reactions. These emotional reactions are of course things we don’t control consciously.

The simple truth is that falling in love isn’t something that we choose to do. It’s actually kind of like getting thirsty. You never choose to actually get thirsty. You just happen to notice it. The stronger that your thirst gets, the harder it is to ignore it.

What if I were to tell you that there’s a sort of relationship ‘thirst’ that all men actually experience? It’s a kind of thirst which is impossible for them to quench on their own.

Do you want to know just what he is so thirsty for?

If you want to skip right to the answer, then you should check out this video which reveals how you can actually trigger his thirst for the very thing he craves and needs.

It will also show you just how to make sure you’re the only one he will depend on for satisfying this very powerful longing.

The Strangest Thing That Makes Him Adore You

a happy couple who adore each otherHere’s why a man that’s in your life cannot tell you just what he craves the most from a relationship with you…

…He is too embarrassed to actually admit the truth.

That’s because the admission of his desire can actually wind up moving him even farther away from his goal.

This is why…

Imagine a woman that is frustrated that she has a man who never does a romantic thing for her. She winds up breaking down and explaining her desire to be pursued and romanced by him.

However, he acts as if she’s being unreasonable, and demanding her to name the one thing which is missing from their relationship.

So, she offers him a specific example. She tells him it’d be nice to get some flowers on occasion. Simple things just like that.

So, the very next day, he brings her some flowers.

But guess what?

There’s no magic in this gesture. It won’t feel special to get flowers if you actually had to request them.

It’s sort of like that in regards to men, except they have a totally different kind of relationship need. Men have an unquenchable thirst for admiration from you. He just can’t ask you for it.

How this plays out

Okay, here’s the picture…

He’s not going to tell you that he really likes you but…

“what’s missing in the relationship for me is you not admiring me enough. You seem to admire other men elsewhere in your life, which makes it really difficult for me to envision having a future with you.”

He’s never going to say that since men believe that admiration has to be earned. It’s like trying to get popular by telling the world that you’re cool. It just doesn’t work.

He’s only going to feel like he’s your hero if you wind up speaking the non-verbal language that is admiration. He’s got to read it for himself between the lines of the things you actually do and say.

Now, you could be thinking that this isn’t so crazy. You might understand why any man craves your admiration. However, if you’re thinking about this, then there’s something really important you should know.

Admiration isn’t just something that men crave. It’s that they can’t actually sustain an ‘in-love’ feeling unless the admiration is there.

Nothing will kill the attraction of a man faster than any relationship where he feels unneeded.

He needs to see himself as some kind of provider. Someone that is admired, desired and wanted by his lover because he has a value that he can offer.

If he doesn’t feel like he’s needed, then he feels emasculated, like he’s less of a man. That will kill his romantic drive.

What’s the worst part of all this?

You can’t just go about giving him admiration. It will only work when he actually believes he’s earned your respect, admiration, and trust.

However, there is some good news.

It can be both easy and even fun to let him actually earn your admiration once you figure out how you can set him up for success and you can find out exactly how to do it here.

Just find different ways to let him wind up being your hero. I should say at this point that there’s really an art form to doing this in ways that will make him crazy for you.

On the other hand, I’ve seen a woman wind up using this basic concept to wrap a man around her finger. I’m a guy, so I know what us guys need and respond to. However, it all boils down to this…

an attractive couple laughing and hugging each other

You have to trigger his innate hero instinct

If you can accomplish this, then you’ll be genuinely astonished by what will happen next.

He’ll get so loving, and so attentive, and so glaringly more interested in a long-term and committed relationship, that you’re never going to want things to wind up going back to how they previously were.

The hero instinct of a man is a subconscious drive that makes them gravitate towards those who make him actually feel like he’s a hero. It’s amplified even more in romantic relationships.

There are some life-changing ideas. For a romantic relationship, this is definitely one of them.

This is why relationship coach, James Bauer shot a video so you can make this secret your own. James exposes the secrets to his desire here.

Triggering a man’s hero instinct is certainly one thing, but learning how to do it repeatedly means knowing a few more things.

One thing is that most women don’t actually need someone to come to rescue them. That’s particularly true in this modern era. Here’s the irony…

Men still need somebody to rescue. It’s built right into their DNA to look for relationships which allow them the chance to feel like they’re a provider.

This is one tiny distinction in the genetics of men and women that winds up making a huge difference in terms of what attracts men to women. He will feel drawn to women that let him step into a hero role. That’s because his natural instincts make him thirst for this role.

Here’s the great thing about it…

He will never know why he is feeling so drawn towards you. That’s why this is an under-the-radar method because it will trigger attraction subconsciously.

The tug of his emotions will be undeniable, but if his friend asks him why he has gotten so crazy about you, then he can’t put that into words.

Our feelings surrounding attraction dive into a hidden world. Now, you have the power to see the immense possibility in that hidden world, and it’s a possibility that you can control and influence and use.

It’s not just something chemists might see like oxytocin levels of the bonding hormone in the blood. Instead, you can see it all around once you know how you can spot it.

It’s a universal pattern of interactions between males and females.

Relationship experts have always known this existed, but they didn’t quite recognize how powerful this trigger is. This is a trigger that will drive his thirst to have companionship.

So, how can you use this trigger for building romance and passion?

The simplest way to do it is by translating your desires into things that speak directly to his innate urges to be your provider. He desires to love, protect, and serve. He desires to be your hero.

If this is something that sounds fun to you, then you can learn more about this tool to enhance your relationship to the next level here.

It’s something you can learn once and use to your advantage for the rest of your life.

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