What Do Men Want in a Relationship? The Single Lady’s Guide to What a Man Really Wants

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Last Updated on June 22, 2021

a man wanting a relationshipKnowing what men want in a relationship is one of the biggest keys to attracting and keeping a man in your life long-term. However, many women fail to understand or even care what is important to the guy in a relationship.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that they are making. If you are able to understand your man and keep him happy then he will do anything for you, will be very unlikely to cheat on you and will stand by you through thick and thin.

If you are single at the moment then you have probably been told that there are much worse things than being single. Yet, when you are a woman, searching for a significant connection in a relationship with someone you can trust and in whose company you can relish for a lifetime, hearing plaintive comments like that are not at all helpful. They are also not very comforting, especially if you have been single for a long time.

As a woman, if you are hoping to have your own family someday, you know that you do also have a biological time constraint with which to contend.

Naturally, you do not want to push things with a man so fast though that you end up in a marriage with children which sadly comes to an end because of a lack of compatibility.

All too often, women rush into relationships with a desire to be married and to be mothers only to make mistakes and regret it further down the line.

While there really is no happy medium in terms of timing when searching for the right man, there is solid advice which can help move the fates along in your direction.

When looking for the right man, you want to stay true to yourself, but you also want to know what guys are really looking for in a woman.

Finding a guy is one thing, but once you have found one you want to get to know better, you of course need to understand the kind of things that will attract him to you and make him want you.

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A mistake that some women make is assuming that a man wants a confident, self-assured woman. This is true to a degree, but most men will not appreciate it if that same woman mistakes being assertive with being aggressive.

To be clearer, men do not like it any more than most women do to be spoken down to or ordered around.

What a man most wants from any woman he is considering having a serious relationship with is respect, trust and love. Just as you are looking for a man that will respect you both physically and emotionally, a man with whom you ca respect and look up to, and also experience a loving connection with; the right man for you is also looking for the same thing.

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You can be confident, and you should be true to yourself. Just do not forget to have a basic modicum of respect for the man you are dating, especially as it gets more serious.

Respect for anyone will make things easier when it comes to determining when someone is right for you and when you need to continue looking. When you approach any relationship with a degree of respect, you will get so much more out of it. While a lot of men are good at hiding this aspect of their existence, they do have feelings.

In some ways, men can be a lot more sensitive than women. However, some guys wrongly feel that their sensitivity is a weakness and may try to cover them up and react in ways that can make them look like an insensitive jerk. However, many times there is a hurt emotion at the root of this kind of behaviour.

Try your best to use as much respect when delving deeper into your relationship with a man, and you will also be far more likely to receive the same consideration back. You just might be able to increase your intimacy level sooner and cause it to be long-lasting and more meaningful, too.

Similar to the miss construed idea that men want over-confidence in a woman, some women also mistakenly think that men will find them weak if they are too openly sensitive about their feelings. This is also not true for most guys.

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You do want to start most any relationship off on the slow side so you can get to know one another better. However, do not make the mistake of hiding any of your true feelings as your relationship blossoms. A mature man will appreciate your honesty and respect your openness and willingness to be vulnerable with him.

Men want to know what is going on in women’s minds. And, historically, women can be mysterious creatures too. Know that the right man for you is going to not only appreciate your sense of respect but also your sense of emotional honesty and openness.

a couple laughing in bedYou do not have to gush with emotion over every single occurrence in your day, and you do not have to bombard him with sweet texts all day long. But, you do have to know when it is appropriate to let him know how and when he makes your heart sing.

Another thing most all men want from a woman is to know that you do have it “all together” in your own life. There is another saying you may hear a lot as you journey from singlehood to marriage and that is that you will find Mr Right when you are happy in your own life.

A man does find it attractive when a woman can be her own individual and a person who gains that extra-special something from being with him. No man likes a clinger for very long.

When you have confidence, can stay true to yourself and approach a man with respect and openness, you do not have to be graspy in hopes of snagging Mr Right before it’s “too late.” He will find you because you will stand out from the crowd.

You may have to be a little patient while being single, but when you find Mr-Right-For-You, it will all be worthwhile.


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