How To Keep a Man Faithful & Stop Him Straying

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Last Updated on June 22, 2021

couple talking intimatelyThe beginning of a healthy relationship is always exciting. It’s the time when both people are on their best behavior, when each person is taking care of themselves to look their best, and when the honeymoon phase is at the most heightened part of the relationship.

However, as time goes on and comfort levels increase, the true colors start to shine, we let our less appealing sides show, and the relationship overall becomes “less exciting.”

While there are many positives of this transition, one of the concerns is how to keep your main faithful as your relationship becomes more comfortable.

How To Keep Him From Straying

Continue to fulfil his emotional needs

The most important thing you can do to keep him faithful is to continue to fulfil his emotional needs by being supportive, caring, a good listener, etc.

Think of him as your best friend. How do you treat your best friend when you’re with her? Treat him that way too.

When you pay attention to your man’s emotional needs he will feel supported and taken care of, which will make him want to stay with you and not cheat with someone else.

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Keep things interesting

a man and woman laughing about their marriage togetherAfter the honeymoon phase ends and you become more comfortable with each other as you sync your normal life routines it is important to spice up your relationship from time to time.

Make a conscious effort to try new experiences together. Anything from extravagant vacations travelling the world, to “staycations”, to learning new things together can help to enhance your relationship.

You can keep it simple too by learning new recipes together (even simple free online searches will do the trick). Try a dance class, maybe join a workout class together, etc. Even watching shows or reading the same book gives you the common ground of things to talk about.

Surprising him can help to break up your routine; buy some new sexy lingerie, send him sexy text messages, leave little notes hidden for him, try something new and fun in the bedroom, and surprise him with his favorite dinner.

When you keep things interesting, you keep him excited and loving you, which will make him want to stay with you.

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Take care of yourself

When you become comfortable with someone it is easy to stop caring as much about grooming and possibly even taking care of your body in other ways (like working out and eating healthy).

Make sure that you are maintaining good hygiene, which includes showering regularly, washing your hair, and shaving your legs. Put effort into looking nice (do your hair, put a little makeup on, care about what you’re wearing).

Continue to put effort into your overall health and physical well-being by working out regularly, nourishing your body, and being mindful of participating in activities that are healthy for both your mind and body.

When you take care of yourself, you show that you have self-respect, and a huge part of keeping your man from straying is to maintain his level of respect for you. If you have self-respect, he will continue to respect you as well.

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Respect him

Respect his needs, his thoughts, his feelings, his ideas, his job, his input, his help, his time, his space, his hobbies, his family, his friends, his style and his choices in life.

In many traditional heterosexual relationships, women tend to “take care” of men. While it is completely fine to want to help him and make him comfortable, be sure that you do not try to control him and disregard his own thoughts and ways of doing things.

His family and friends will also no doubt, be very important to him, so be sure to not speak ill of these people, even if he does at times.

Show respect for everything he is and everything he does and support him while helping him grow. Compliment him when he’s looking good and when he does something well.

Let him know you appreciate everything he does for you. A simple “thank you” and “I understand” goes a long way in a long-term relationship. If he feels respected, cared for, and appreciated, he will be less likely to stray because he won’t need to look for it elsewhere.

a couple in a committed relationship

Laugh together

Laughter is one of the strongest ways that we can connect to another person in any relationship. Laughter helps to ease any tension between you and your man by finding the fun and the funny in all situations!

Do things together that elicit humour, like going to a comedy show or watching funny movies. Laughing together helps to keep relationships fun and light-hearted, which also helps in times when things are more serious.

Laughter increases our endorphins which are our “feel good” hormones, so when we associate laughter with someone else, we increase our “feel good” emotions that we have toward that person.

When you laugh together in your relationship, you will strengthen your relationship and ultimately, you will keep him from straying.

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