His Secret Obsession review by James Bauer

Last Updated on June 22, 2021

His Secret Obsession book cover by James BauerHis Secret Obsession. What is it and how will understanding it help you make him love you forever? Here at the American Dating Society, we are proud to be among the first to review this long awaited course, His Secret Obsession by James Bauer. This book is said to be the never released before, step-by-step obsession formula that exposes all the secrets behind mens true desires.

As controversial as this sounds, this book is said to contain a highly powerful method that pulls back the curtain to reveal exactly what lies deep within a mans mind. You’ll learn exactly what it is that makes guys tick and gain an understanding of the male mind that most women would not even think was possible.

The author claims that with the secrets revealed in this course you will be able to;

  • Discover the secret longing of every man
  • Learn about his deepest, darkest desires
  • Be able to trigger fascination in a man at will
  • Gain a true understanding of what makes happy relationships
  • How to become his secret obsession
  • and much more…


Unraveling His Hero Instinct In His Secret Obsession

According to James Bauer, every man has something called a Hero Instinct. It’s part of a man’s biological drive.

You might think of it like hunger or thirst…

But this Hero Instinct is important when it comes to attracting and keeping a man.

The woman he loves will need to bring out his Hero Instinct, or he will look for someone else to bring it out for him.

Up until now, this dynamic between men and women has been based on the off chance that a woman is triggering this instinct in the man she is with.

You might say that it’s been invisible to some women.

Women who (without this) have lost and had trouble keeping men.

This Hero Instinct is why.

Will His Secret Obsession Help Transform The Way Men Experience You?

If you are looking for a lifetime of warmth, companionship, and love then I recommend you take a look at what James Bauer is revealing here.

While reviewing this book and audio, I also came across the…

His Secret Obsession: Secret Obsession Text Message Formulas

I was expecting to see mere scripts of what to send ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends.

Instead, what I found was an actual Text Messaging Strategy. You can use this to understand how to choose what text message to send and where to start based on your specific situation with your ex.

The most interesting part of this portion, was the Text Message Magic formula. This part has to do with four words you can use to grab his attention, no matter how distant he may seem to you now.

Attention: Important Info That Could Drastically Change Your Love Life For The Better

Are you trying to get a guy to notice you? Maybe you’ve been dating for some time, but now you feel he’s starting to pull away..?

Or, maybe you are already in a relationship, but for some reason he just doesn’t seem to pay you the same kind of attention that he used to in the beginning, and now you feel worried inside that you might be losing him to someone else..?

…maybe he’s already left and now you want more than anything to get him back.

If you’re currently in one of these situations, then please don’t give up hope!

I’m here to tell you there’s a little-known, “secret ingredient” that triggers a man’s internal process of attraction, desire, and love, and makes him yearn to be with you, and only you.

Sound crazy? It’s anything but…

Founded on psychological principles of the male mind, this secret ingredient unlocks the door to his innermost vulnerable self, yet most people aren’t even aware it exists.

James Bauer, a world-renowned relationship expert who has helped thousands of women unlock the door to true love explains how you can use this subtle but powerful psychological principle to make a man feel intense feelings of attraction, desire and even an obsession for you.

If you want to be the only person that he truly has eyes for, the one person he craves more than anything in the whole world, then this video might be the most important one you ever watch.


It wouldn’t be fair for me to share everything, but I will give you a preview of what the author shared.

The first two words to text are,

“I NEED ____ ____”

…followed by two more words that will cause his Hero Instinct to kick-in. And next he will reply to your texts.

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