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…he is back and he’s so different.


I’m happy to say we are back together


I got my man back and he came back to me!


The Magic of Making Up is a course made by T.W. Jackson (aka T Dub). This is by far one of the most anticipated reviews we’ve done at American Dating Society and here’s why.

In my research of proven ways to get your ex back, this book kept coming up.

The method boasts having helped 50,119 people in 77 countries. And unlike many of the other books I have read, the difference here is clear. Actual people are reporting results. Paper letters, emails, and other messages are claming this method works.

Here’s a video talking about some of these people and my reason for deciding to review this book for you:

Here’s The Video Review of This Book:

Hi there, my name is Alisha.

For any of you people out there who are going through a bad breakup, or have been through a bad breakup, I’m there with you.

I’ve been there. It sucks.

You never realize how dependent you are on your partner and how much you actually did together, until you decide to take a break or split ways. And it just leaves you in a place where you feel alone.

You feel vulnerable and it’s just scary.

For me, in my past relationships, I always had them end with cheating, or lying, or manipulation. It got to a point where my current relationships were being affected because I was constantly thinking about what happened in the past – and is it going to happen again?

Now, I really am happy to say today that I am in such a healthy relationship! I mean, there is nothing but love, understanding, and communication between me an my partner. It’s awesome, I’m not going to lie.

I just want everyone to have that kind of relationship.

Because I believe everyone deserves that kind of relationship. That’s why I’m here right now talking to you.

I read this book that is a game changer when it comes to breaking up and rekindling relationships.

It is written by T Dub Jackson (T.W. Jackson). And it is called The Magic of Making Up.

It’s awesome!

I love how it talks about taking time for youself, your family, and your friends. Getting back into hobbies. Putting more energy into work.

It really talks about getting mentally and physically healthy for yourself.

And it goes into details. I’m talking about, it talks about fruits and vegetables that are good for you. That’s how detailed it is. Which I think is great.

There are some parts that are harder to read.

One part that was particularly hard for me was writing out my feelings and writing out my fears. Because that’s just a very vulnerable thing to do. It’s hard.

It also talks about getting back in the dating scene. Which if you’re coming out of a long term relationship that’s just scary in itself to think about.

You haven’t been on a new date in awhile. Dating someone new – it takes you through that whole process.

You know, it’s not an easy process to go through.

But I promise that if you commit to it, you’re going to see so many results and so many things about youself.

You’re going to get a clarity.

It’s amazing.

Now, the rest of the book I want to talk about. But I don’t want to wrongly summarize it.

It’s something that you have to read for youself to understand.

But I love how it talks about keeping the spark alive and keeping it fun.

And agreeing to disagree, and forgiveness – which is probably the hardest one, but beneficial.

I put the link below this video for you to check out and get more information for yourself.

That’s my two cents.

I really would highly recommend this book.

Thank you for watching.

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