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How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Couple in love enjoying a tender momentFinding the ideal man can be quite a challenge. When you do find someone who is a good match you face the difficulty of keeping them interested in you.

A nice profile may get you enquiries on a dating site, and smooth talking can bring you that second date, however, most men love the thrill of the chase.

So, how can you stop him from losing interest in you but instead, ignite that flame of passion deep inside that will make him yearn to see you again and again?

The real secret to being able to make a man fall madly in love with you and follow you around like a little-lost puppy is to master three important keys;

  • Understanding the psychology of men
  • Learning to speak his language
  • Learning the intimacy ingredient that drives men crazy

These three key areas cannot be properly explained in one article. However, you can master all of them by going here to read, ‘How to Get a Man to Love You, The Incredible 7 Step Guide’.

Once you have read this book and fully understand these three key areas, you will be light years ahead of all the other girls who just don’t have these important understandings.

Your girlfriends will be surprised and jealous at how easily you seem to be able to attract and keep the man you really want.

Here are a few other tips that can also help you to get on the right track when it comes to making a man fall in love.

Have Your Own Identity

The first step is to have your own identity. If you are the sort of person who needs a relationship to feel complete, then this will show in the way you act on dates and it will scare a lot of good men away.

If you find yourself in a string of bad relationships, ask yourself why you got into those relationships and what they offered you. It could be that you would be better off spending some time on your own.

Get to know yourself and figure out what you enjoy doing in your own time. Your sense of identity as a single person can be rather different to your sense of self when you are a couple and when you figure out what makes you happy and what you want, you will be a lot happier.

Once you have this realisation, you will more than likely be a lot more confident as a result, and this alone is a very attractive quality. Confident, happy people attract other confident, happy people.

Keep Your Options Open

Another important thing is to keep your options open. Don’t get so wrapped up in someone that you have just met that you drop all your friends and stop talking to other men.

This is a big risk, because if the relationship doesn’t work out you will have to apologise to all your old friends, and they won’t be patient if you do it every time you meet a new guy.

It also increases the chances of you driving the guy away, because they will notice that you don’t have a lot of friends, and question why. If you seem needy, they may feel smothered too early on.

Don’t Mess Him Around

While the average man doesn’t want to be smothered, they don’t want to be messed around either. Don’t go cold for no reason and don’t try to test a man’s commitment.

You would not appreciate it being done to you, so do not do it to them.

Instead, learn how to read a man so you will always know exactly how to behave and what to say in different situations.

Being able to accurately read a man is one of the most important things to get him to feel more attracted to you and to start feeling those feelings of love. To learn how to do this, watch this video.

Be Human

During the first couple of dates, it is natural to want to put the right foot forward, but eventually, creating the illusion to your date that you are perfect will have to end.

Allowing the guy to see that you are human and also have faults will help to put him at ease and make him feel more comfortable with you.

Give your date the chance to see that you do not expect to be wined and dined every time you go out and that you do not need always to have a princess experience.

Show that you are open to other fun experiences – walks along the beach, or a run through the local forest. Talk about your interests, and show an interest in theirs. Long term, men want someone they can have fun with, not someone to just ‘date’.

Commit to Your Health

It is easier to fall in love with someone you can realistically see yourself being with long term. That means being with that person into old age. If you are unfit, they can’t go running with you or see you keeping up with and kids.

If you are a party animal that drinks a lot and smokes, they might enjoy your company, but they may well be wondering if you’ll be a good mother to their children and if you’ll, in fact, be healthy enough to have their kids!

That doesn’t mean you have to be boring and demure, just make it clear there is more to you than the bar scene.

Show off your knowledge of current affairs and demonstrate you take an interest in other activities. Be someone that they can enjoy talking to and confide in when they need to.

More importantly, spend some time getting into shape, toning up and eating healthy. Men are very visual so it pays to look your best.

Win Over Their Friends

You need to win over a man’s closest friends if you want to become a fixture in their lives. Men are blunt and vocal, and while they won’t usually try to sabotage each other’s relationships, if your relationship with your new guy ever hits hard times then having them to advocate for you will be extremely useful.

Guys know when another man has a good thing going, and they will talk to each other frankly. They are more likely to listen to each other than an outsider, so get them as advocates for you if you want to be the one girl he keeps long-term or for life.

Be Honest About Your Goals

Be honest about what you want from life. If you want to have kids, make that known at a suitable time into the relationship – not the first date, though, unless they ask!

If you don’t want kids, and they do, be honest. If they love dogs, but you are allergic to them, talk about that too. Don’t wait until a year into a relationship to discuss deal breakers that you knew about from month one. That just wastes everyone’s time.

Final Thoughts

Dating is not easy. You will need to meet a lot of people to find the perfect one, and you will need to go through a few failed relationships. That is not a reflection on you, and it does not mean your exes are bad people either.

Learn to relax and appreciate people for who they are. Value yourself, but value the experiences that other people can give to you too.

When you stop feeling that you have to be in a relationship and instead see relationships as a way to have more fun, but not the only option, you will be far happier.

In many cases, love will find you once you realise that you do not need a man to be happy within yourself after all.

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